Just a number on a piece of paper

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I hear news or read stories about events and they just, strike a chord. Sometimes it is more than one story but a group of stories about a news subject that strike a chord. Truth be told the stories so more than just that, they prick my heart. I wish I could say that after every heart prick I am compelled to action but I am not.
The most recent subject in the news that has truly hit home for me is immigration in the United States. I have heard stories about the plight of the immigrant for years, but it was this morning when I heard a man on the radio say that the immigrant was not illegal but merely undocumented when, it hit me. Because of something as trivial as paperwork, the authorities in this country have made people’s lives an anxiety filled, razor blade existence. A family without the proper paperwork will avoid seeking medical and legal help because, the fear that they may be evicted from their home and country (yes I said country a person who crosses the border or ocean to get here and is a good citizen has just as much a right to claim this as their country as one who is born here). The reason for the eviction, not a failure to pay rent or being a malevolent actor in the union but, having the wrong or not having paperwork at all.
The idea that a person is not part of a community because they lack paperwork, turns my stomach. The fact that millions of immigrants are imprisoned and then deported is awful, what makes it worse is the high rate of children among the millions. The actual of this imprisonment and deportation makes me want a o do something but, I am not a law maker or enforcer, so what can I do? Well I can log in to, http://www.fairus.org and learn discuss and take action. The actions are small like, send email or letter to my legislators but

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

The emails and letters are good but, I feel like the best way to help would be through respect given to people who are undocumented. I will do my best to show respect in my interactions with people living in this situation, and my discussions about the issues. I think a huge sign of respect would be to avoid the labeling of people with the term illegal.
The thing is, immigration is a big complicated issue but showing someone respect isn’t and I am going to try and do that despite what paperwork says.


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