We should all have a studio audience

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

I remember watching the television show “Home Improvements”. I loved this show. The show centered on, a fix it man and his family. The fix it man ran a home repair television show. I think the show lasted for eight seasons and I also believe that the show had a live studio audience. 

The shows main protagonist, played by the comedian Tim Allen would, often seek advice from his wise old neighbor Wilson. Wilson took great effort to never show his face. Wilson said would crack a joke in an way that was ingenuous and endearing in the same way. Wilson was not unknowing though, he was a well traveled genius who gave Tim advice, that helped him navigate with his family from one misadventure to another. Sadly the actor who played Wilson Earl Hindman, lost his battle with lung cancer in December of 2003. 

Everytime Wilson came on screen you could hear the studio audience applaud. Tim got applause as well but Wilsons applause seemed bigger. Tim got applause and laughs and sometimes gasps. He made some mistakes which made the show very funny. For Home Improvements the studio audience helped with each scene. The at home watchers like me felt like they were part of an event and we got cues from the audience. We knew who was funny, who was a bad guy and when to laugh or cry. I like the concept of a studio audience. I wonder what life would be like if it came with a studio audience? Would our audience cheer or jeer? Would they laugh or cry? Chances are they would do all those things. Life is a cacophony of emotions. Life is a exciting adventure. Life is a gift and one that can often be taken for granted. I say it is often taken for granted because of, the lack of a studio audience. Yeah, everyone needs cheerleaders sometimes. Applauding and encouraging them. Let me be your cheerleader today. With the attached video of people applauding. You deserve it and no matter how tough live gets you can do this I am cheering for you!! 



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