The deep dive

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

David Carr has passed away. David Carr started writing as a columnist for the New York Times in 2002. His column was popular and he was an amazing author, the world will miss him. This is not a post about David Carr, it is a post about something David Carr mentioned in an intelligence Squared debate. 

In case you don’t know intelligence squared debate is an radio debate show. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the podcast. The show is great. The debate David Carr was part of dealt with the relevance of print media. David argued that print media like, the New York Times was still relevant. David pointed out that while digital media like Twitter and facebook was great it lacked depth and when it did have depth it was in form of a link to print media articles. 

The same debate took place when tv journalism became popular. Print media was dead or irrelevant then. However, it wasn’t. Reading may cause changes in resting-state connectivity of the brain that persist. I Have didn’t have time to read through all the articles about the brain before this post, however it seems that our brains are efficient networks that are always on. Even while at rest our brains are sending receiving and processing neuron traffic and even more amazing is the fact that reading helps to reinforce and stimulate activity while resting. 

See for me, reading an article novel or abstract is like, a deep dive. You go under the surface of the sea and you come into contact with life. So far marine explorers have discovered 230000 species of live under the water the estimate of life in the ocean is in the millions! Makes sense doesn’t it I mean it is where life started. Now reading is like diving to see that life close up. On Twitter and Facebook we sk the headlines and I liken that to a snorkeling trip. You get one perspective of say a halt fish, but on a deep dive or trip to the aquarium you get an intimate view. 

If you do nothing else today please read. Texts, tweets and facebook status are good to read but newspaper articles and books are even better. 

When I was growing up there was a campaign that utilized the slogan, “reading is fundamental” and thus slogan is true. Reading is fundamental to… everything. Reading will make your life more full and rich. Reading makes you more social, smarter and just a really cool person. So read today.




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