A stage

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Just recently at work a colleague shared an ancecdote with me and my cubicle mates.  It seems that a few years ago he said as tapped to coach a youth football team. The youth on his team were not very athletic and did not understand football. He decided to coach the children or youth by describing each game as a type of performance like, a movie or play. The plays that were drawn up were his teams script . He continued to tell us that this approach was successful and I Imediately thought of Shakespeare. Truth be told, I could not remember the plays title, (Google to the rescue) it was the quote from the opening monologue of  “As You Like It”. 

All the world’s a stage” 

Can’t say that I disagree with the author or my colleague. With the “always on” social media, it feels more and more like the world is a stage. Some see this as a bad thing. Some feel it is the end of privacy and shame and decency. I do see the end of shame but not really privacy or decency. Let me explain. 

What is decent? Do you feel that your puritanical values make you decent? See I don’t think it is a moral or ethical code that makes a life decent but a respect and love for ones own life and others that makes a being decent. Recently the changing climate has caused some terrible tragedies. Hurricanes tsunamis tornadoes of epic size and decent people came out of the woodwork with monetary donations and their time. This seems like a very decent society. Privacy is far from dead. The marketplace is full of all kinds of products and services made to protect people’s and companies privacy. Privacy is more easily accessible now then ever before. 

Finally we have reached the end of shame. Shame is, a negative painful social emotion that comes from, comparison with oneself with others in society. Is it bad that there is no shame? If life is a stage you are an actor and you perform at your best should there be shame? 

Now some may say that everyone is not their best. I would say to give all the actors some time. We are all getting there. 





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