It is a circle

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

this morning while in the office break room waiting, for the coffee machine to dispense the dark elixir that helps sustain me, I found myself staring at the clock. No, I was not running late for a meeting, I had already look d over the bulletin board and my eyes came to rest on the clock. I could see the tick of the second hand. Rising and falling in a circular moment over the non labeled tick marks and numbers. At the 12th hour of the work clock there is a number 12 and under it an image of a man running. I wondered why the man was running. I honestly have no idea why he is running, maybe he is late or working out. Another aspect of the clock that struck me this morning was, it’s shape. The clock is a circle. Some tests that promise to determine your intelligence will ask the test takers, why the clock is circular. Most people have their opinions as to why, I do to but today I thought about time and the circle bring perpetual. 

The coffe maker at work is slow. I know that entropy happens in thermodynamics. I may not know exactly how to apply the Boltzman formula but I do know that in thermodynamics entropy is the state when things break down. I have seen and read some documents where psychologists have tried to imply that there is a state of entropy for all systems including life. I can’t say I agree with this. Watching the clockand thinking  about how time seems perpetual and ever changingmakes me, I think that systems get better and continue to exist. Now my time in the scheme of everything is fleeting. I will not live forever no one does, but I am enjoying my life and trying to help others too. The thing is maybe entropy can be applied to life as well as thermodynamics but I will not go out without “fighting” for a better world because, what if this is all perpetual? 

Ahh coffee is done. Happy Wednesday everyone 




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