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Posted: March 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

if you read this blog before you have more than likely come across a post in which I explain a lesson taught to me by my mom. My mom has taught me many life lessons all of which I am grateful for. Just recentlyI heard a radio show in which the host was complaining a bout charitable giving and mention something called the cancer shield. The cancer shield was the explanation given by reporters for thatbackspace cheating that lands are shown took place in. Lance Armstrong always couched any statements he made about cheating by pointing out how he was doing his cheating for a good cause which in this case will be cancer. 

My mom was and still is a religious woman. As a religious woman she attended church service regularly. Being her children we were often take into church. We being me and my sister spent the better part of our lives in various church services and eventsat the church. As we grow older some of us were not so excited about going to church. Recognizing this lack of enthusiasm my mom let us know that if our hearts word and it we should not attend church. That is the lesson. Do what youdo what you love. Of course mom made sure we fulfilled our duties and responsibilities but church service was never obligatory for me or my mother or anyone in our family church service was and should be an act of passion.

I think growing up I had a wonderful time and great examples in both my parents my father was a resolute and still there is a resolute worker who had no problem with his obligations and duties and provided for a family of six for 18 years. My momhas served as an example of a person who pursues her dreams along with providing for her family at the same time. It is a delicate balancing act and it is one that her heart has been in since as long as I’ve known her.

Among all the lessons my mother taught me the one that I’d like to focus on today is to have passion about whatever it is you’re doing. If it work and you have to do it learn as much as you can about it and phone love with the work, if you can’t do that try your best to find another profession. Life is too short to not put your heart into it. 


John 3C


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