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Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Okay let’s see you have, the name, a year of birth, a dash, and ayear that you die. Those are the parts of a tombstone or more properly put, those are the inscriptions on most tombstones. I almost forgot about,  what some people argue,  is the most important part or inscription on a tombstone. There is the epitaph.

A while back, there was an article maybe it was in Wired or Time magazine, I can’t remember the publication that carried the article but, I remember reading it. The article went into detail about a new trend for the monument business. The trend involved the creation of a digital epitaph. A video on the tombstone or monument. The video gave the survivors basically unlimited space for an epitaph. The article made me wonder what I would say about my loved ones who, have passed.  I think about my grandmother and her deep compassion, my uncle and his forever smile. 

When I consider the epitaph I think about how foolish we are going o define a life with a few lines or a video. Love te is precious and really not easy to define or label, yet we do it. People use religion, race, sex, political party affiliation and all kinds of classifications in an effort to label and define themselves and others. Why do we do this? I think maybe because, it is easier than actually getting to know someone to include, ourselves. You, me and everyone out there are complex and deserve to be more than a label. Discover yourself and respect and learn about others before you are writing or are having an epitaph written about you.




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