Posted: March 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have heard people use the word deserve often. I myself try hard not to use the word deseve maybe it is my puritanical upbringing that makes me navigate away from the term. I, as were many others, was taught that mankind deserved punishment and only through the grace of a diety and our repentance to that diety.  Growing up this way made me grateful and shocked me at the sense of entitlement I experienced while interacting with others. 

Don’t get me wrong my parents raised me to give and get respect but everything after respect was and is a gift. Even if you have worked for it work in and of itself is not deserving of payment. The work must have some value, this is how economics works. 

The sooner we realize that we deserve little the sooner we can bring value to ourselves organizations and projects we are involved in. 




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