The citizenship award

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

When I was young, my sisters were younger, as I grow older my sisters stay younger than I am, see the thing is my sisters are younger than I am. My sister Bernadette was a few years younger than me and when Bernadette was in elementary school I was in middle school. I remember an award that Bernadette came home with one day. It was a citizenship award. I have to admit that, I was jealous of the award. To this day when I hear or see the word, citizenship, I imagine Captain America defending our nation and world from Nazis. I really wanted Bernadettes award. I have always felt a deep sense of pride and patriotism when it comes to my country of birth. But I have not always been clear on how I could show my pride. I joined the US Army right after I got out of high school and I loved the experience. This did not make me a good citizen though. I thought it would but I have learned that a good citizen is made by someone who helps other people with compassion, dignity and respect. There are these signs above door that say, “Everyone brings Joy to this house, some when they enter others when they leave.” A good citizen is one who brings joy when he enters, or she. Why do you bring joy? Well because, you help others in compassion, dignity, love and respect. We do not need to be Captain America to be a good citizen we just need to be good.





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