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The moons of Jupiter are numerous, large and may have life on them! This is some incredible news that NASA has discovered by observation of the celestial bodies. The observation is accomplished through satellites in Jupiters orbit. Jupiter is about 601 million miles away from Earth (this is an about distance, because it really depends on what time of the Earth year you take the measurement). That is far! Really really far. How did the satellite get to Jupiter? Lots of fuel? Well there was a lot of fuel burned but a bigger reason that the satellite was able to reach Jupiter was because its flight path enabled it to be use gravitational assist from planets. Gravitational asissts are complicated the satellite gets energy from the gravity of another body in space. Some people call using gravitational assist sling shot. That is a great description. 

This process, no matter what it is called is possible to apply, because of Noethers Theorem. Today is Emmy Noethers 133rd birthday. It was this brilliant mathematicians work that will assist in finding life on distant planets and travel to said planets. 

Emmy did not live to see her work applied for space travel (she died at 53) but her work was paramount to the success of the space program. You may be working on something that seems worthless, I encourage you today to think big. Beyond Earth, and your office. Think throughout time, past you and your children’s existence in my this plane. Who knows, what seems fruitless could become paramount. What you working on, might power the next spaceship. Happy birthday Emmy and thanks 



There are some amazing images 

Noethers Theorem  


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