I may not know art but

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

I can’t remember the name but I heard a story, a bout a rich man who threw a party at his house, in his house he had all kinds of art and from the wall. The party guests complemented the man on his wonderful art collection and add something to the effect of, “Who does your are buying for you”. The owner of the house and man who threw the party, let them know that he did his art buying and he said this, “I may not know are but I know what I like”.

Yesterday I had to take a question near, the document asked a bunch of questions about different situations, and at the end I was given a personality profile. I was told in the personality profile that, I had some artistic traits. I found this interesting considering, I have to label all my drawings so that people understand what they are. You know the type of drawing them talking about the stick figure man and I  write above it John.I read sometime back ago that the creator of Garfield had to do the same thing for a lot of his drawing thought I’m in good company as far as talent code. But what I realized that art takes  many forms.  Art is merely a way of someone expressing themselves. This blog post in its own very small way is Art. Definitely not high art but art nonetheless. I also realize that well I may not be the greatest artist,I do find myself often times, admiring the artwork of many individuals in many different mediums. So in a way  I may not know art but I do know what I like. What I like is called a work that’s unique in all of its facets. I like this I admire this aspire  to it. This is some of what drives me the hope that my work one day we’ll stand and someone will say something like, “hey that looks really good I wonder if I can do that”. The hope that our legacy Will be so good or of high-quality that others will admire and emulate it should be part of what drives you. When you do something anything your name is on it. What does that mean your name being on your work? I hope it means this is really awesome. My hope is that that is very my name and your name.




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