Which way is west?

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Right now as you read this, can you tell me which way west is. I thought about this yesterday when, I read an email from a colleague. The colleague explain how a new stop sign will be placed in the west facing parking lot, Of our building. The email went on to explain how they had been some “close calls”, in the west facing parking lot of our building, and along with the stop sign, She encouraged us to slow down in the west facing parking lot of our building.

I have absolutely, no problem with traffic safety. I think and know that it is important, as well as respectful and in a parking lot it is and should be mandatory. As I read the email, I realized I had no idea which parking lot was the west facing one for our building. This got me thinking about the cardinal directions. The cardinal directions are, North, South, and west. I know the cardinal directions and on a map or a globe I can point out the cardinal directions. Sitting in my office reading an email I had no idea which parking lot faced west or south or east orNorth for that matter. I begin to think about how we explain our situation to other people. We may provide what we believe is exemplary airy directions and or explanations. I mean who doesn’t know which way north, south, east or west? Haven’t we all learned are cardinal directions and gradeschool? Who is not sitting in front of a map when we explain ourselves or give directions to someone else? Maybe when we speak with others we should do some consideration of the people we speak with. I can’t help but think this would go a long way in our relationships in dialogue that we open up and use on a daily basis.everyone knows which way west is under the right circumstances, however everyone isn’t always involved in the idea circumstances.





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