Sidewalk Kings

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Kings and queens and Dukes and princes and rouges and knaves. Our kingdom was the side and I days and rain ended when the streetlights came on. This was my childhood all the way up until about high school me and my sisters and my neighborhood friends would rule the kingdom with as much childlike with them as we could musterand with all the Austin tacious bravado and add unless it had. We could do and be anything it just had to be outside. Just recently a radio show spoke to a paleontologist and author, A bout a book he had written called “raising a wild child”. The book gives details on how children in the United States are missing out on being out side. He, The Author, throws out to sobering statistics. The first that to stick is that children spin seven minutes a day outside in the United States of America. The The second statistic, wasn’t really a statistic, it was a statement made by the current or the former Surgeon General, concerning children in America. The surgeon general at the time, mentioned how the next generation in the United States of America maybe, one of the first generation in the history of the United States of America two, experience life expectancy’s that are shorter than their parents. That second statistic or fact or statement, yeah I’ll call it a statement, really took me back. The surgeon general explain how, unhealthy stagnant lifestyles contributed to that statement. When kids are outside they don’t have time to be stagnant or unhealthy. The kids are busy building fortes establishing kingdoms finding their roles in the society that they built, the society that exists on the sidewalks in the backyard at the local parks. It’s the society that we may have replaced for our children with the online society or the indoor society. It seems like no big deal as long as Junior is learning but where you’re learning is a big deal. There is something sensual about the outdoors there something undescribable about fresh air there’s something compelling will you experience the outdoors in the fresh air so compelling that you might do some activity that would harm this kingdom. When you are not going out doors when you when you only venture outdoors between your car in the house or your car in school or your car in work you don’t feel compelled you don’t feel engaged you lack a sensual experience that is truly undescribable. Because of this lacking heart and your life you are less compelled to make the hard decisions to take care of nature or the world and in turn yourself in your fellow man or woman. This weekend is Easter weekend. The springtime has begun and what better time to get outside? Take the hand I love mine are young person and go for a walk, it doesn’t have to be at a national park it doesn’t even have to be at a park. Some of the best memories I have ever had that deal with the outdoors have been on the sidewalk and in the backyard.




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