Posted: April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

My oldest son Kyle loved being outdoors, he would take off his shoes, and I could see him move in the grass. He would flex his toes. I was brought back to a time when I was younger. That feeling on your toes the cool grass on the bottom of your feet and the warm sun burning the thin epidermis on the top of the feet.

It is a lesson we learn at birth and can forget. Feeling the grass and the dirt the sun and being in a moment. We loose ourselves in our work, phones tablets and miss out on the sensual tactile world. This morning treasure the coffee or tea. Feel the heat from the elixir and bask in the aroma before you sip it. Take your time relax and see how much more your day gives you. Enjoy every moment. Be tactile. Be in the moment.


The internet is full of post after post of how to be and what it means to be in the moment. There are posts that have 5 or 10 steps for being in the moment. It seems that most of the steps on most of the posts advise understanding each interaction and looking but not living in the past or the future.

The most important thing I have noticed about posts and people speaking about the moment is the acknowledgement of the moment. I have seen many people do many things and the most amazing thing I have ever seen is forgiveness and gratitude. The people who are grateful for everything tend to be more easy to forgive. We  will become more in the moment more forgiving and a much better person when learn to be grateful. Gratitude It really works!


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