That feeling

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was in my twenties, it was the end of my two shift work day, I just finished mopping the city was dark and still. I felt exhausted and fulfilled. I love that exhausted and fulfilled feeling at the end of a long work day on my feet and moving. There is no comparison to that feeling. When I was even younger I remember a day that I spent a summer camp. The middle of a sun drenched day I swam to the middle of the camp lake pulled myself up to the deck and let the sun dry me. My muscles were sore and I had that feeling again. I had used all that was in me to reach that deck.


That is it isn’t it a feeling that you accomplished something and it was the best something you could do? I wish this for everyone. I hope that you find yourself fulfilled and exhausted at the end of everyday. If you do not feel this way there is still more of you to work and spend in the day. If you lay down at night and cannot sleep I encourage you to get moving and be active this always works for me. If you lay down at night and feel exhausted than good!




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