Day Two

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

It is Tuesday the second workday of the regular work week. What did you do yesterday? Did you make a list? If so great if not why not and are you sure?

Of course I am sure that I did not make a list, I would have remembered that. Would you? You did a lot of tasks yesterday. When we come across information our brains immediately try to make sense of it often that happens in a list. So at work yesterday imagine all the information you came across, now picture your brain or mind parsing that out creating to do lists. Pretty interesting right? If our brains or minds build lists why should I duplicate that? good question, I say there are two reasons. Our brains build new unique lists daily and often tasks for work carry over. So the lists you build on paper will be very different than the lists that you have built with your brain or mind.


The second reason for building a list is because of how good it feels to check things off the list. Checking off tasks builds confidence and helps create a map for success that can be replicated. Almost all successful people use lists. Santa Claus keeps a big one. If you haven’t made one yet go ahead and build one for the week. It is the second day of the week but lets call Monday the warm up day for the week.




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