Always on the eve 

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

in the 60s the turtles had a hit song called “on the eve of destruction”. The song was fast pace and honestly pretty dark. The basic gist of the song was the world is in turmoil and many people did not believe that we were on the eve of destruction.

This was a great song, a hit song and was recorded for side B of the album it was on. That means basically, the group didn’t think it would be that big of a hit. It was a big hit listening to it now into in 2015 I still get chills. I want to so bad, paste the lyrics right in this blog post but, I won’t do that. If you never heard the song you should download it, that’s right just download it don’t sample it, You are going to want to buy it.

I can’t help but see that in 2015, our society is just as close to the eve of destruction as we were in 1960 something. I guess my Takeaway and your take away and everyone’s take away from this would depend on their complete perspective on humankind.

I feel like humans will always be on the eve of the structure and that the only thing really keeping them from destruction would be there capacity for compassion and intelligence.

It is through compassion that we help our fellow man and woman. It is compassion that makes us think beyond our lives and our children’s lives and into the next in the next generation.

It is through understanding and knowledge and application of that knowledge that man and woman create innovative solutions for our problems. Some amazing solutions have been running water, Wells, the automobile, The harnessing of electricity, the list goes on and on. 

So well I, have no doubt that we are on the eve of destruction I have no fear that we will see destruction. I understand and know that man and will man is the most incredible animal on the face of the earth ever.


John 3C


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