Thank you Apple

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

14 years ago the company Apple, introduced the iPod. The iPod was a digital music player, unlike any other digital music player on the market. The iPod wasn’t the first one to the market, however I really think it was then and still is now the best digital music player on the market.

Steve Jobs and Apple, saw the potential in digital music. Just yesterday I found out that my daughter Hannah listens to her iPod every night. My son Connor told me this because it was one more Point in his long list of annoyances perform by his older sister.

I remember when Hannah asked for an iPod. It was her birthday and I thought, that is a pretty expensive birthday present. I succumbed and board over a significant amount of money but, she uses it in obviously enjoys it and Connor has one of his own so he can use headphones and enjoy his as well.

What Apple did when they created the iPod which is why they were successful and continue to be successful is, Eylau for creativity and order to exist in the same space. Apple with every product that connects to the Internet, Give the user access to iTunes. iTunes is this amazing space on the Internet for adults and children alike in which they can download music apps movie experiences on their digital devices and they translate and work across almost all their apple digital divide Apple devices. And my Apple fanboy? Maybe, however this fandom came at a price. The price was A stellar user experience.

I am still most impressed with apples balance of creativity and order. There is much to be said for balance and creativity in order is in there? At work at home life in general balance is a big key component to it. I wish you luck in finding the balance and get it in the flow for whatever you do today on Monday.


John 3c


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