How the second revolution happened or didn’t happen

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

there’s this Beatles song that I really like, it’s called revolution. You know, there are few Beatles songs I don’t really like. In case you have been living under a rock or you exist in and cultural wasteland let me tell you about the Beatles song revolution. It is a song that has some upbeat yet powerful lyrics in it.

The song starts out with the words “you say you want a revolution”. The song then goes on to let me listen there no, that we all want to change the world. That’s true isn’t it? Think about your world today. Are there not things you would like to change? Maybe it’s something as simple as where you sit in the sea of cubicles, a parking spot, and estranged relationship, or something as powerful as the prejudice you experience in a certain environment. The point is more than likely, there are parts of the world you and I and everyone else would love to change. So the singer is right we all want to change the world. The singer then goes on to tell The listener, that when he or she talks about destruction they can count him out. Revolution is important, as a society we learn certain things, something we should’ve learned years ago like, to respect everyone. Whether we agree or disagree with someone’s religion politics or sexual orientation, as long as that person does not infringe on your freedom or cause you harm there has to be a respect in our society for that person. This lesson that seems so evident was A lesson that has taken some serious work in the United States of America. Throughout the history of the United States of America there has been what seems to be a constant reminder that the world is full of diverse unique and wonderful people that all deserve respect. The respect we give each other has to be done in a blanket manner we can’t return to the history of disrespecting one group of people like the Native Americans, african-Americans, and now today it seems as though there is a movement to disrespect in disenfranchise men and women who are homosexual. This can’t happen it is a lesson that Has cost us as a society a lot in terms of human capital. There has to be respect given for every person of every walk of life by everybody.

People want a revolution for good reason. The second lesson that should also be evident, is the lesson the singer provide in the lyrics to the song revolution. The revolution has to take place in the hearts and minds of people who, make up a society. You say you want a revolution so do I. The revolution has to happen, Not through violence but, through the tireless effort to compassionately educate and liberate our fellow human beings.


John 3c 


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