To think I saw it on my way to work

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

part of my journey to work every morning, takes me down a divided highway. Is it a divided highway? I mean there are five lanes of traffic. Two lanes heading north two lanes heading south and one lane in the middle that is as a colloquialism called the suicide lane, I think the correct term would be a turning lane. It was on this highway, that may be a dividing line or may not Be, that I saw in the center lane, which may or may not be a turning lane, a single solitary patch of grass.

Seeing that grass in the middle of a sea of concrete made me think of the Tupac Shakoor  Poem, “The rose that grew from the concrete”. This is a wonderful poem. For me this poem is a great example of what can happen when someone or something like a rose has resolved and hope. At the same time the pone sir they sense of hope for me. I may not have quite the struggle as many other people do, actually feel like, and I am very grateful for it, I live a semi charmed life. Even though, I live the semi charmed life, there are moments when I can feel a struggle. It is in the moments with the struggle and the moments on my way to work that I recall the words of this Tupac Shakoor piece of work. Recalling the words usually does a job and help me get in the right mind. My wish is that this pome will do the same for you today. Thank you Tupac Shakoor our IP.


John 3C

Did you hear about the rose that grew 
from a crack in the concrete? 
Proving nature’s law is wrong it 
learned to walk with out having feet. 
Funny it seems, but by keeping it’s dreams, 
it learned to breathe fresh air. 
Long live the rose that grew from concrete 
when no one else ever cared.


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