No real heroes

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

This morning, on my way to work, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts. The podcast was going through all the elements of a good story. Let me first say that, I realized there is a difference in a story in a paper. A paper even a narrative, tends to be complete with cognitive concept that build on each other to bring a reader to a point. A good story does not need to be complete. A good story can have a frayed type of ending as opposed to a bow or knot. A good story will leave the listener wanting more and some good stories have no real heroes. It was this no real heroes statement that immediately made me think about an old episode of the Big Bang theory. One of the characters on the Big Bang theory convinced his girlfriend to watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark. After watching the movie the character asked his girlfriend what she thought of it, his girlfriend answered that the movie was a great story but the protagonist really affected the story in no way at all. The characters girlfriend goes on to mention how Indiana Jones did not change the outcome of the arc or the story. Let me be clear right now if you have any seen Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost art this is the spoiler alert… The girlfriend on the Big Bang theory tell her boyfriend that the Nazis in the movie despite Indiana Jones efforts still found the arc of the coming it open the Ark of the covenant and died at the hand of the god of the Hebrew people. The television show is funny because you can see the moment when the character realizes his girlfriend is right and the Indiana Jones really did not affect the story at all.

We like to think that heroes maintain balance in order in justice and maybe they do but in the case of Indiana Jones our hero did the right thing and yet still really didn’t affect the story and maybe that’s more realistic maybe we are all just along for the ride. In our lives we will make decisions that will affect our stories but, it seems very often that a lot of the things we do not have an immediate and direct effect I encourage you to take heart and know that as long as you do the right thing you going to be okay.


John 36


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