Why we tell stories

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

no, this is not going to be a post about the laurels of lying. I do not think there is never really a good reason to lie. Except maybe, we were tired and we’re going to sleep. Okay, that’s my last corny joke for this post. This post was actually inspired by the movie by Disney called into the woods. The movie is a remake of the musical by soddenhiem. Disney did a great job with into the woods. My girlfriend and I, watch the movie this weekend and we were both impressed. Of course it helps in the story is a really great one. In case you haven’t seen it in the ethical or movie form let me give you a brief synopsis. The story is about the interweaving of various fairytales and what happens after happily ever after with the fairytales. The movie and the play I both as realistic as they Can be. I say can be because, they are fairytales after all. Just understand this, happily ever after may not be the quintessential happily. So yes things do fall apart for all the protagonist. At the end of the play him movie one of the protagonist sit down in the woods with his son and asks to no one in particular what he should do. He is told by an apparition that he should tell the story of the protagonist to his son. That’s why we tell stories to pass on an r.  a legacy that will inspire and our children the will to go on in the hope to go on when I happily does not meet the expectations.

I love this idea because it gives stories and storytelling that much more importantance. I have always been a sucker for good storytelling. What’s your story?


John 3 c


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