Can you hear me now? Yes!

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

“A riot, is the voice of the unheard” – Martin Luther King Junior. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three days, I am sure you have heard about the riots in the city of Baltimore Maryland. Most media outlets have taken pains, to describe the events leading up to the Baltimore Maryland riots. The events described by most media outlets, have been bag and murky and involve the death of an unarmed Black man in police custody. To say these events are the only ones, that have led up to the riots in Baltimore, seem a little unfair to the until now unheard of Baltimore. Well, I like Martin Luther King Junior, would never indoors riding I think to a certain degree I can understand where it comes from. It comes from almost a lifetime of being unrecognized and unheard, the only recognition received by many of the citizens of the city of Baltimore Maryland has been negative recognition by the police force in the city government itself. I kind of think, the riot is like the explosion that happens when a slow when a pressure cooker is covered and left unchecked. The pressure continues to build and build and the release comes in the form of an explosion. Now the nation is listening. I wonder what The citizens and those who represent the citizens of Baltimore will tell us. I hope for two things, one, is that the message from Baltimore be clear and concise. I want to know how long and exactly what has been happening to the citizens of the city of Baltimore. The second thing I hope for, Is that the nation will listen and take action to avoid this everywhere. The optimist in me believe this is exactly what will happen, the optimist in me also believes that respect for life is the action needs to be taken. The pragmatist in me, Believe this is exactly what will happen but it will take time. I guess I will wait and see.


John 3C


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