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Do you know what’s true

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 in the United States of America, the United States went to war with Iraq. The war was then and is now a contentious matter. I am not sure if you will find a Nother current issue that has opponents and proponents that are so adamant about it. Everyone who has lived through the attacks in the war has an opinion and they’ll tell it to you. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. There is something wrong when you have decided that your opinion is the truth.

The truth is, the actionable state of a matter or lining up with facts. When it comes to war the truth is it’s complicated. War is violent and complicated. More is different from different perspectives. War is hell. War happens. There is a movie called fury. In the movie fury, Brad Pitt plays a tank captain for the United States Army. Brad Pitt tells his men, “ideas are peaceful, history is violent”. I haven’t seen the movie but I absolutely love this quote. I love it because it Atlee describes The history of humanity on this planet. When people argue for and against war, we would do well to remember that the argument is idealistic and that because of this the truth of the matter is that no one knows if the war is just or good. It is easy to be tempted into believing that we know what the truth is about a matter, however this TempTatian should be avoided because, If it isn’t we may never learn the truth of the matter.Edit


John 3C


The list, that makes up this posts title, is a list of influences in my life. All of the names mentioned on the list, are musicians, except for the last. All the names on the list are musicians except for, my dad. My dad as far as I know, doesn’t even play in instrument I remember seeing him pick up a guitar and I think he may have even taken lessons, however I don’t believe he’s ever played in a band and if he has it was and still is unknown to me. Despite my dads lack of a musical catalogue full of amazing prose set to music, he still mad a tremendous impact on my life. A positive impact, that is the type of impact that my dad made with his actions. He was like the musicians in this post title, a man who was anti establishment, but he is also a man who respects everyone and provides for his family. 



I saw this wonderful sign it was a quote from the humanitarian Greg Mortensen, the quote is “In times of war, you often hear leaders -Christian, Jewish, and Muslim saying ‘God is on our side.’ This isn’t true. In war God is on the side of refugees, widows and orphans.” 

Thomas Jefferson said, “War… Is as much a punishment to the punisher as to the sufferer” 

I am not anti war. I am pragmatic. I understand that “freedom is not free”, but I do really believe that as a person and a nation peace should always be sought before during and after any confrontations we find ourselves in. 



History tells us that, the first fire brigade in recorded history was in Ancient Rome. Marcus Licinius Crassus recognized the need for, fire protection. Marcus created a 500 man team. The team would rush to the fire and debate the cost of their services while the building burned. This was an explotive scheme at best. Despite its exploitative nature the fire brigade makes one think about the value of service. 

How much is your house worth to you? The median income for a firefighter in the United States is, 43, 551 dollars a year. A fast food workers median income is 20,000 a year. A factory worker has a median income of 45,000 a year. An average IT salary in United States is 83000 a year. So here in the United States we live in a time when our computers are more valuable to us than our houses and our houses fire protection is more valuable than a dinner at McDonald’s. We live in a strange world. 



Is it bad karma

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I was watching a really good television show and there was a woman who offered a police officer a cup of coffee. The police officer turned down the offer, the woman let him kno that, it was bad karma to turn down a random act of kindness. So I thought I’d it, bad karma To deny a random act of kindess? I am not sure. I am not sure if I really believe in Karma and if I do believe in karma is there bad karma? 

Most people give or participate in charity because of an inner compelling voice. People obey and their obedience helps make them feel better. So, when we turn down a random act of kindness, it may or may not be bad katma but when we turn this down we are doing two people harm. The trick is to humbly and gratefully accept kindness. 



Thank you Hemingway 

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This morning, I wasn’t feeling my usual level of inspiration. I wouldn’t say I was uninspired, the world and life are far too rich and robust to not feel inspired, my level of inspiration was simply not as high as it was yesterday. For the insprirational I needed I didn’t need to look far. My wrist vibrated and on my watch popped up a quote..”The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken plaves.” Ennest Hemingway

The mundane can be grueling and you will be broken. I hate the idea that people and the world can be perfect. There is no such thing as perfection. Everyone and everything will and does break. Most often people and things break more than once. The trick to it all is, never quit, learn form our losses and accept our and everyone elses imprefections. You are now and will be broken make yourself better be the latter of Hemmingway inspiring quote.



To kill or not to kill 

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just recently in Texas two men open fire on participants in a cartoon contest. The contest was one that was created by a woman who chose this manner to exercise her freedom of speech. The cartoon contest, Was a judgment on participants cartoon caricature of the Prophet Mohammed. The Islamic state, Actually took credit for these insane actions by equally insane men. The authorities have not commented yet on the tie between the Islamic state and these two American citizens. It seems as though almost immediately, the public began to speak about provocation and responsibility for the exercise of the freedom of speech. The conversation quickly turned to the governance of the freedom of speech and this is where I call foul. This seems to some to be a dichotomy, earlier on in the year I spoke out against businesses who chose to exercise religious freedom by discriminating against men and women, so the major difference her is that, this cartoon contest despite being offensive was not an act of exclusion. 

Was the contest tasteless and bush league? Yes absolutely did it deserve death? No way. Should tasteless acts be against the law? Absolutely not should discrimination based on race religion or sexual orientation be illegal? No doubt