Lets try hard to never forget

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April 30th 1975 Nirth Vietnam invaded Saigon,  Marking the end of the Vietnam war. A war which really divided two countries Vietnam and the United States. The anniversary almost went without notice. I did see some news coverage, That interviewed survivors of the Vietnam War both American South being me and I was moved by their stories of their survival and some of them had stories of their family’s inability to survive the war. The war, like many other wars cost dearly, And means of human capital. The map of Vietnam was redrawn and everyone involved in the war suffered loss. The moment was taken by some to be a learning moment, however the The education failed to resonate for a long time. The Persian Gulf war, the war inkosovo, bug showed promise and made one believe that the United States had learn from the mistakes of the Vietnam war. The war’s did not involve an invading force and head clear cut goals which the United States achieved and then left the area. Now, the United States is still involved in the war on terrorism, which is a global war and a board it feels to be everlasting and the bulk of the military just left I rack. The Iraq war was another war that felt to be everlasting. The Iraq war and the global war on terrorism have goals but the goal of our ideas like democracy. I am for one a big fan of democracy however if history has taught the United States anything, it is you cannot with military only subjugate people into a democracy. I hope that my children and my children’s children will be better learners then my generation YS and I hope they will never forget the Vietnam War.

As a sidenote, even though I am describing the Iraq war and the global war on terror them to the Vietnam War I understand that the drama which unfolded in each of these worth is specific to that war and the experience of the soldiers in those wars are tremendously different. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a good war, I totally agree with Edwin Starr when he wrote “war what is it good for absolutely nothing”.


John 33


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