In America it is pretty easy to keep yourself alive

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

The title for this blog post was, a quote from an interview view with Elon Musk.  In the interview, the interviewer was amazed at Elon musk, aspirations after graduating from college. The interviewer mentioned, how most newly graduated college students look forward to, getting a good job and making money but, Elon musk was more interested in getting the human civilization to Mars. It was then that Eli musk made the quote that is, the title for this blog post. This way of thinking really helps me as a listener to the interview understand why, Elon musk was able to accomplish as much as he has in such a short span of time. He took a concept that can drive a human being and minimalized it. Feeding ourselves and surviving can sometimes feel impossible, but it takes perspective first and foremost. After making this “Elon musk went on to explain how a person can survive on oranges and Ramen  but he might get tired of it after a while. When you begin to feel like you need more I challenge you to really evaluate what I need and want. There’s nothing wrong at all with wanting more but there is definitely something wrong with confusing needs and wants. When you confuse needs and wants this will cause more pain and trouble then there should be in your life, the confusion of needs and wants will eat away at your capacity to appreciate life. Two of the most powerful forces I’ve ever seen a human being wheeled were compassion and gratitude the forces although abstract make a world of difference in the way a person goes about every aspect of his or her life. I’m going to do my best to not let a skewed perspective or confusion of needs and wants get in my way of being the best person I can.


John 3C


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