To kill or not to kill 

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

just recently in Texas two men open fire on participants in a cartoon contest. The contest was one that was created by a woman who chose this manner to exercise her freedom of speech. The cartoon contest, Was a judgment on participants cartoon caricature of the Prophet Mohammed. The Islamic state, Actually took credit for these insane actions by equally insane men. The authorities have not commented yet on the tie between the Islamic state and these two American citizens. It seems as though almost immediately, the public began to speak about provocation and responsibility for the exercise of the freedom of speech. The conversation quickly turned to the governance of the freedom of speech and this is where I call foul. This seems to some to be a dichotomy, earlier on in the year I spoke out against businesses who chose to exercise religious freedom by discriminating against men and women, so the major difference her is that, this cartoon contest despite being offensive was not an act of exclusion. 

Was the contest tasteless and bush league? Yes absolutely did it deserve death? No way. Should tasteless acts be against the law? Absolutely not should discrimination based on race religion or sexual orientation be illegal? No doubt 




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