Dylan, King, Cole train, Springsteen, Davis, sublime and my dad

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

The list, that makes up this posts title, is a list of influences in my life. All of the names mentioned on the list, are musicians, except for the last. All the names on the list are musicians except for, my dad. My dad as far as I know, doesn’t even play in instrument I remember seeing him pick up a guitar and I think he may have even taken lessons, however I don’t believe he’s ever played in a band and if he has it was and still is unknown to me. Despite my dads lack of a musical catalogue full of amazing prose set to music, he still mad a tremendous impact on my life. A positive impact, that is the type of impact that my dad made with his actions. He was like the musicians in this post title, a man who was anti establishment, but he is also a man who respects everyone and provides for his family. 




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