They arrested and convicted the dread pirate Roberts sort of

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

on Friday The dread pirate Roberts was convicted of seven counts and for being the administrator of the silk Road. For those of you who do not know, The silk Road is A website which allows its users to engage in commercial activity in an anonymous manner. The silk Road was shut down by the FBI, only to be reopened and named the silk Road 2.0 . The silk Road 2.0 was then rebranded and named the silk Road three reloaded. During all this name changing in rebranding the FBI arrested and charged one of the silk Road administrators. On Friday, The administrator, who went under the name the dread pirate Roberts was sentenced to life in prison. The silk Road is an interesting website to me, and that it is almost not a website it all, But more like a community, full of individuals who for various reasons wish to remain anonymous. The name the dread pirate Roberts comes from the movie, “The Princess bride”. In the movie our hero explains to the princess, that he is not really the dread pirate Roberts, The dread pirate Roberts is really an idea for a pirate ship captain. Our hero was given the moniker by the previous pirate ship captain. The FBI arrested a man who called himself the dread pirate Roberts in connection to a website that hosted a community on the Internet as silk Road, but the idea of an anonymous community was not arrested or even stalled. This brings up some philosophical questions about law enforcement and the idea of going after the “big fish”Or “kingpins

In the movies in crime is that simple. You put the bag guy in jail and everyone goes home to enjoy happily ever after. In real life however, we see that crime, Like everything else, is not simple at all. The dread pirate Roberts may be in jail for the rest of his life, but the silk Road is still open and it is still complicated. 




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