Nudge the ones you love

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

what is a nudge? A nudge is, a light touch or to coax or gently encourage someone to do something.

So in behavioral economics, many economists suggest that the governing authority use nudges to  influence good behavior.  A nudge does not bite and harm, as conscription does. With a nudge we allow our loved ones to make up their own minds and we help not hurt. 

Isn’t that the secret to a great relationship? To help not hurt? So if a nudge is so good, why is it so hard to do? Well, a nudge often requires patience, trust and hope. 

Many nudges will take a long time to have the desired effects and sometimes the nudges may not work.  When we ask for someone to do something good for them or us we trust they will. This trust is paramount in a healthy relationship. Sometimes when one member of a relationship has let another down, often more than once, then there is not much hope in the relationship. A relationship without hope is like a sailboat without a breeze. You have to have hope or you’ve got nothing. 

Give till it hurts and nudge and hug the ones you love




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