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6 days ago I apologized for not keeping my promise and bringing my blog fans something new. Well I have the new thing and I am so excited about this!! I really am. Here it is. We are going to write a book together! Crazy right? Let me explain.. Every week day I will post a chapter of our book, you will read it comment and together we will have an amazing story. Is your mind blown? The book is called The Man and what follows is chapter 1


The Man
Chapter 1.
        The email program angrily blinked at Jason. There was a chat invite that he had not yet read. Jason made the mistake of logging in before getting his first cup of coffee. He had promised himself that he would not do that anymore. He made the promise right before he left on vacation with his wife Melissa. The vacation came at a great time for Jason. He was beginning to feel overwhelmed at work. He called it “an overwhelming feeling from an underwhelming job”. Jason worked as a systems admin in IT. When Jason first started working with computers it was an exciting job. He built websites for small businesses and kept them up and running. The pay was low but he really loved his work, now Jason couldn’t remember the last time he built a website. He took care of installing software, monitoring software that was already installed, modifying computer user permissions. Basic, boring stuff that could be done by trained monkeys or robots, he really was beginning to hate his job, but the pay was great! He and Melissa were able to take a trip to Hawaii and do all the stuff the rich people do. They went scuba diving, shopping, deep sea fishing and took the helicopter tour. The trip would have been a success, if it was not for the fact that it was this trip that Melissa chose to tell Jason that she wanted a divorce on. The writing was really on the wall the two of them were not separated, but they were really living separate lives. Jason worked all day and then came home to an empty house. Melissa worked third shift at the Cleveland Clinic. She was the head of nursing and could have changed her schedule but, she was a night person. Truth be told, Melissa chose the third shift schedule because, it was quiet at the hospital then and she was avoiding her marriage. She hated confrontation as head of the nursing department she had to evaluate and sometimes fire some of the nurses. When she needed to fire nurses Melissa would, write up a “Dismissal Letter” and place it in the box at the office for the Nurse who was getting the axe. There is this movie called “Major League”, the movie is a comedy about the Cleveland Indians baseball team. The team is full of misfits and the movie follows them all season starting in spring training. During spring training the General Manager let the players know they were cut by, putting a red letter in their locker. There is a scene in the movie where a player is looking through the ventilation slats in his locker for the red letter. This is what it felt like working for Melissa. Nurses who made a mistake would act a lot like the athletes in the comedy movie. Nurses would try and look through the windows in the office into their mailboxes. The angles made this glance impossible but for the same reason people look away when someone on the screen gets hurt or suffers through embarrassment, the nurses would strain their eyes and try to make the impossible glance. This was all because Melissa hated confrontations. This was the same reason Melissa waited until they were on vacation, to tell Jason she wanted a divorce and that when they got back to Cleveland from Hawaii she would move out of the house into a townhouse downtown. Truth is she knew she wanted the divorce two months ago on the day she put first and last month’s rent on the townhouse in downtown. Part of her ached because she loved Jason and always would, part of her was anxious and dreaded telling Jason she wanted a divorce, but another part of her wanted to let Jason go. He didn’t seem like he enjoyed her company anymore. Neither of them made an effort to change their schedules to see each other. The Hawaii trip felt like a guilt trip that Jason set up.
                As Jason stared at the angry software blinking at him it was then that he decided he was still processing the divorce and it’s implementations as well as the fact that Melissa just moved out! He knew it was coming but he wasn’t ready and now it was throwing off his schedule and he was contemplating not answering the chat invite until he got his cup of coffee. Coffee would take long and it would be rude to ignore the Instant message that long, so Jason clicked on the blinking icon.
Fred Summers: hey man, how was Hawaii? I hope good did you read my email yet?

                This message was why, Jason needed coffee to deal with work and work people. He had to be drugged to be here in his cell/cubicle all day fielding idiotic chit chat and arbitrary work goals. Jason wanted to respond back honestly to Fred with something like..
Jason Franks: Hawaii sucked, my wife told me she wanted a divorce and when I got home she packed a bag and hauled ass. Did I respond to your email? In the email program there is a feature that shows you if I read it Fred. I know that you are HR and not IT but learn to use tools for your damn job fool.

Fred was a good guy and he was in HR so the answer to his message looked more like this…

Jason Franks: Hawaii was great! I didn’t want to come back. No I haven’t had a chance to check my email yet. Pretty busy playing catchup. Is the subject of your email something that you can tell me in this chat?
Fred Summers: That’s great man. I felt the same way when I came back from Cabo last year. I also got slammed with work. No rest for the wicked eh? As far as the email goes I only mention it because it is an invite for a meeting and the meeting is for you, Al Lacomb and me in half an hour from now in his office.
Jason Franks: Oh wow thanks for the heads up chances are I would have missed that meeting Fred Looks great first day back from vacation missing a meeting with your boss and someone from HR. So a meeting with my bos and someone from HR should I be worried about anything FFred?
Fred Summers: Nothing to be worried about Jason. I don’t want to “tip my hat” but let me say this is a meeting that you are going to love!
        Jason opened the unread email from Fred and accepted the meeting invite. There it was half an hour from now he would meet with his boss, Al Lacomb, COO and acting CIO for Smart Nation Insurance, and Fred Summers, HR director of Smart Nation Insurance in a half hour. Jason stared at the calendar in wonder. What the hell was going on at Smart Nation and what is the deal with this meeting? As he stared into the monitor trying to process the meeting he pulled back up the instant message and Highlighted Freds last message. but let me say this is a meeting that you are going to love!


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