Goodbye Linda

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Ok Fans or fan. I got one comment from a fan that I will call Busy Cat.  hmm did you miss yesterdays post? If you did stop now, Go read all of yesterdays post, after reading yesterdays post you will understand why I am writing about Busy Cat and their comment. Here is a link to yesterdays post…….

Did you read it? Now you should be up to speed. So Busy Cat said.. ” I liked the chapter on your blog. Keep writing!”

Thanks Busy Cat for the feedback. Fan feel free to give more feedback on todays chapter of my new book “The Man” this is chapter 2 we will call chapter 2 “goodbye Linda”

Chapter 2

“You are really doing this?” Linda Anderson asked the question, or fired the question at Al Lacomb right after entering his, closed office, before sitting in the chair facing him opposite his desk and after closing Als’ door. Al, had clashed with Linda since the old man made him COO. His first act as COO of Smart Nation, was firing the former CIO.  Linda was sure that, as the director immediately under the newly fired CIO, she was going to become the CIO of Smart Nation. There was this movie, which hit the theaters in 1977; the movie was remade in 2005, starring Jim Carey. The movie was named, “Fun with Dick and Jane”. In the movie the protagonists are an upwardly mobile, ambitious couple, who have the rug ripped out from under them and the resort to crime. When Linda realized, she was not going to get the promotion, the one she knew she deserved,  she felt like someone had yanked the rug right out from under her.  She did not resort to crime like Dick and Jane, but she noticed that a certain level of pretense and office etiquette was removed from her psyche. Less than a year ago Linda would have never opened the closed office door of Smart Nations CIO and walked in firing a question at the officer. Now here she was petulantly, questioning here boss.   There is a scene in the original movie in which, Jane is having a pool put in their house and Dick finds out he is fired, Dick calls home and tells his wife to cancel the installation, cancel everything. He doesn’t have the money that they were spending anymore. The pool for Dick and Jane was a metaphor for men and women spending money they don’t have. The pool was hope. Hope that Dick would move up in the corporation and get bigger pay and higher compensation. Dick was fired and his hope was dashed. Linda was told by Al that, she would not be the next CIO and her hope was dashed. In the movie Dick was fired, so Dick lost hope but with his cut from the company he was given the opportunity of, a clean slate, a new start. When Lindas hopes for upward movement in her corporation were dashed she was not given a clean slate. The one door Linda saw as open was slammed shut and she was trapped in, her director position. Maybe it was the combination of being trapped and hopeless that made Linda act like a mean spirited bitch at work. Al wasn’t really sure what it was that made Linda so brazen and rude but he didn’t like it. If Al wasn’t leaving this place in the next year and a half he would have fired Linda. Al worked for Everett Rutledge, as well as Smart Nation. Al was one of Everetts business consultants. Everett worked in Securities, to put a finer point on it Everett was the CEO of Midwest Securities. Everett made millions of dollars by buying, fixing and selling companies all over the world. As a consultant for Midwest Securities Al answered directly to Everett, Als job was to make this company profitable and sustainable.  Al knew that if Linda were made CIO this company would not be either of those things.  Linda worked best in a silo, she did not have a holistic philosophy when it came to business. It was because of her lack of this type of vision that Linda was good as a director or manager, but could never really correctly function as a CIO. Al would love to just let Linda know this right now as she stood over his desk basically yelling questions at him. He would love to tell her because he knew that it would be a blow to her oversized ego. In his first assignment, Al made the mistake of being too honest, with the employees in the company that he was “fixing”. The meetings were terrible. Men and women reacted differently, some slammed their fists on his desks and threatened to “kick his know it all ass” and others sat there and cried. Al learned that his business decisions should be open and honest in his reports to Everett but with the men and women in the business he was fixing his reports did not need to be as detailed, also with scheduled and impromptu meetings like this one he should be guarded and only give out as much information as necessary. It was not necessary to, let Linda know why she was passed over for CIO but, he had to tell her something in order to get her to leave his office. He had a meeting in less than twenty minutes.  “Sit down Linda” Al made a gesture with his left hand in the direction of the chair directly in front of Linda.   Linda sat in the open chair as she spoke. “I printed this off the website for Smart Nation. It says right there, on the HR home page, that Smart Nation makes a point to promote from within.” Al took the paper from Linda and did his best to show as little emotion as possible. “That is a Smart Nation policy, Smart Nation is now a subsidiary of Midwest Securities. This is not a policy of Midwest Securities, however I try to do this when possible. In this case it was possible and the new CIO is a current employee of Smart Nation.” Linda could do nothing to hide the look of shock on her face. She was almost overcome with emotions that she could not define. She felt; surprised, upset, betrayed, alert and a little hopeful. When she had asked HR who was being hired they wouldn’t tell her but they made it sort of clear it would not be her. Had she read their insinuations about her not getting the promotion incorrectly? Was she getting the promotion and now doing her best to make her boss see her “bad” side? The emotions and questions had   Linda spiraling. “I am meeting in the next twenty minutes to offer a current Smart Nation employee the position.” Now Linda knew that she wasn’t getting the position, she did not have a meeting with Al today. She was no longer wondering, the spinning stopped and she was furious. She wanted to demand who was getting the position, but chose not to. She realized that the decision to hire someone as the CIO was made without her direct input and that she cared more about Smart Nation than Smart Nation did about her. She decided then and there that she would not be working for Smart Nation, this time next year. She stood up and left Als’ without any words. She was determined. Linda would go back to her office, make some edits to her resume and call some recruiters. This time next year she would be a manager at a drug store chain that spread thorough Northeast Ohio, into both Pennsylvania and Indiana. “Good morning Linda.” Fred Summers side stepped as he spoke. Linda didn’t see him as she left Als’ office. “Good morning Fred.” Linda liked Fred he was a good guy. When she went through her divorce Fred helped her with getting some time off and listened. She was a little sad when she realized that she was going to miss people like Fred here at Smart Nation. She had worked here for a decade this year and made some relationships. She would of course tell everyone that they would speak outside of work but she knew this was not true. It was never true when someone said that. Despite her sadness she was determined and it did happen. Linda was hired a month after she left Als office.

“You’re early, I like it. Grab a chair from the conference room, for Jason. I am going to hit the head and we can go over his compensation package one more time before he gets in.” Fred shook his head and left for the conference room Al went to the restroom.


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