Prelude to a deluge

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Hello followers. I hope you all had a great 4th of July and did your best to celebrate freedom by, getting drunk, eating to much barbeque and setting of fireworks (yes in that order too). I had a great weekend and I am now ready to drop on you chapter 3 of “The Man”. In case you didn’t know, on account of you not reading this blog everyday (and I don’t blame you, life can get busy and it is hard to squeeze in time to read blog posts like this), we are writing a book together. If you haven’t already you should start reading it. Here is chapter 1 , follow that link and read chapter one then two and finally chapter 3; only finally for now tomorrow I plan on dropping chapter 4. By the way comment here in this post, on Facebook or Twitter and I will take into consideration your posts and we will all get this book written. One fan commented that I should not leave the chapters on cliff hangers, I took this advice and considered it and decided against it. Don’t let my obstinacy stop you from commenting though. Thanks Happy Cat for the feedback I hope you enjoy chapter 3 Prelude to a deluge


Chapter 3

The chairs in the conference room were all black however, they did not match. Half the chairs were on casters and ,moved freely, the other half of the chairs were extremely heavy and did not move freely at all. Fred shook his head and smiled a little after he inadvertently grabbed one of the heavy chairs.   He let go right away and looked for the one feature that set the two types of chairs apart (besides their weight), the casters there it was one not to far away. Fred put his hand on the back of the chair and wheeled it into the office of the CIO. He smiled because the heavy chairs made him think of Robert Guzman. Robert was the former CIO of Smart Nation. Robert ordered the heavy chairs for the conference room. When Fred first started, he made a comment at one of his first meetings held in this conference room about the weight of the chairs. After the meeting, Linda let Fred know that Robert, told her that, he made it a point to purchase the heaviest chairs out there. Robert was afraid that some IT employees would move lighter chairs out of the conference room into their work spaces and the heavier chairs would prevent that. Robert was fired after the buyout of Smart Nations, all the executive level employees were let go after the buyout, Fred was sure that the directors would be next. Some did get fired, as a matter of fact all, but him, Linda and Ralph were fired. The new executive management did not even replace the other directors. The responsibilities were moved to the new executives.  All the executives except for the CIO came from Midwest Securities. The HR department did not even get a new executive the CIO no was the person that Fred reported to. Al was a no nonsense CIO and a pretty good manager. He didn’t sweat the small stuff like the weight of the chairs in the conference room. When Al ordered the extra chairs for the conference room he probably took all of five minutes to do it. Fred couldn’t help but think that had Robert paid more attention to the big things. Fred chastised himself for his negative thoughts, and when he really thought about it, he wasn’t quite sure if Robert would have been able to keep his job. Fred had been involved in the corporate world for 13 years now and he noticed that the folks at the top of the food chain usually did not fare well, in these corporate takeovers. Fred would love to be at the executive level as opposed to director however; he had a comfortable life at work and at home. Fred just assumes that the instability at the top of the corporate ladder would directly affect his comfort level at home, so after reaching the level of director, maybe consciously or unconsciously, he let his ambition cool and settled. Director was alright with him. The meeting would start in less than two minutes and he was the only one in ALs office. Fred sat down and took out his tablet. After swiping past his tablets lock screen he waited for the device to join the network.  Once joined Fred navigated the the network site that had the documentation for the compensation package that he and Al worked on. Fred looked up over the tablet as Al made his way past his chair to the corner of his office, where he kept a paper towel roll. Al snatched a paper towel and began to dry his hands off. Al couldn’t believe the men’s rooms were out of paper towels again. This made him so upset, how can something as simple as keeping the paper towels stocked be over looked so often.   Al shook his head as he threw away the soiled paper towel and decided to focus on the task at hand. “Here is the completed compensation package for Jason Franks.” Fred reached over Als desk and handed him the tablet, open to the documents he had just loaded on it. “Did you have legal look over this.” Both Al and Fred knew that the answer was yes but, Al had to ask. “Yes, I gave it to them as soon as I finished about a week and a half ago. They did not give it their blessing until yesterday. I thought I was going to have to go camp out on their desks to get this done.”  Al was looking over the document and half listening to Fred. The document looked good, Fred was good at his job got things done. Al liked working with Fred. “Legal, has been busy with the sale and acquisition lately but this document should have been done in less than half an hour. I will check with Dave to see if they are over worked.” Dave was the director over the legal department another good employee. Al had a feeling that if a document like this took that long to look over there maybe another big issue in legal. Al actually suspected that some more workers quit legal. There was a head hunter, came through a week ago and poach about 20 percent of their legal talent.     Maybe the head hunter was not finished yet. This could be a problem in an insurance company. As soon as this meeting was over Al would make a call and check into this. This type of thing was one more example why he needed to focus on being COO only and not both COO and CIO. In an insurance company in house counsel is so important. The thought of outsourcing the legal work at Smart Nation, made ALs stomach turn. “Ok this looks great, I think we are all set.” Al handed the tablet back to Fred and sat back down.

Jason looked at his computer screen and killed his coffee with one last swig. He would not have enough time to get a second cup before his meeting with his new boss and Fred. He wished he would because he needed another cup something fierce but the meeting was in 3 minutes. Jason did not want to show up early or late for this meeting. Truth be told Jason did not want to go to this meeting at all. Despite Freds warning Jason knew this meeting was going to be nothing but bad news. He liked Fred, but he knew what Fred did in meetings. Fred gave people there severance packages when they were let go.  Jason took a deep breath, in that breath Fred stepped through the first five stages of grief. The grief for the loss of his job here at Smart Nation. He was too tired from his vacation and grieving for the loss of his marriage to go through Denial, anger, bargaining and depression. He took another deep breath and basked in his state of acceptance. He would leave the meeting go home and start looking for work. This was Jasons plan that dominated his thoughts as he locked his computer stood and made his way to the office. Jason was ready to make the life style changes that came when you were fired.  Jason would definitely need to make some lifestyle changes, not because of job loss though. Jason was walking into a meeting that would change his life forever.


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