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Hello Again

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It has been some time since our last chapter and for that I do apologize. The last post I made was for chapter 9. In chapter 9 we got some more insight into Angela. I am a fan of strong women I was raised by one grew up with three and am dating one now. I want to go a little deeper into exploring Angela. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Angela is going to become a major player in our story, don’t worry we will get back to Jason soon enough, but let’s enjoy learning more about Angela shall we I am calling this chapter…

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chapter 10

The Old Stone Church held 600 people comfortably, the church was only half full, for the Rossi Wagner wedding. Sams family had a modest 100 attendees the rest were from Victoria Rossi’s family and friends. The Rossi family was a very well known family in Cleveland Ohio. Anout 200 people came out as part Of the Rossi side of the family. Sam stood at the altar and looked out over the people, filling the pews of the Old Stone Church. He loved Victoria so much, he closed his eyes and remembered the first day he saw her at the office. He had just made partner and felt on top of the world. He wasn’t really dating anyone there were two girls he wasn’t really serious about, the women looked good on paper but there just wasn’t a spark or any real romance. When he saw Victoria Rossi the sparks flew! She had jet black hair blue eyes and was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He asked some of his friends about the new woman he had seen in the office. His pal Hank, who was his best man and currently standing next to him at the altar let hime know that, he should avoid her. His exact words were; “stay away dude, her dad runs this town and can make people like me and you disappear. Besides she got this job because of her father.” Sam was so glad that he did not listen to him. He pursued Victoria, their romance took time they dated for three years. He learned that she was an amazing person a great lawyer and he couldn’t live without her. What he didn’t learn was just how powerful and complicated Anthony Rossi was.

Tony Rossi sat in the church staring at the man, who would marry his daughter. Sam was a good man a lawyer but a good man. Tony hated lawyers! He was a first  generation Italian immigrant, born in Italy migrated to Cleveland in 1965 a 15 year old Tony came to the states with his father Tino Rossi. Maria Rossi died in Naples before the Rossi family made the trip. The family consisted of just Tino and Tony. Maria died in a brutal strike in on of the factories she worked in. The country was in turmoil. Tino was a professor at the university he had saved all the money he had and spent it getting him and Tony to America. It worked the Rossi family made it. Tiny got a job right away working on the bridges ad joined the Union. Tony went to school and got a great education, he learned to speak english. At 18 a high school graduate, Tony got a job at Joseph and Feiss as a seamstress. An older man took him on and began to mentor him. Tony learned how to fix the machinery at Joseph and Feiss, joined the union there and learned how power and influence worked and could be used to make the world better. Tony also learned how powerful lawyers where and who really ran the world. Tony initially, hated attorneys but he learned how to manipulate and use attorneys. He never became an attorney but as he grew in influence and power he became an important client to attorneys. Now he had one daughter who was an attorney and was marrying an attorney and another daughter who was a school teacher. He smiled at Angela in pink walking down the isle before her twin sister his smile was shared by his wife Lydia. They were both so proud of both of their daughters. Lydia worried that if Angela did not start dating that she would become a spinster. Angelas mother liked Curt but her husband Tony did not, Lydia knew then that the relationship would never last and that made her sad. If Tony were not Tony she would have said something to him about supporting Angela but no one, not even his wife gave Tony Rossi any advice.

Lydia was honestly in shock that Sam and Victoria were getting married. Tony may spend a  lot of time with lawyers and his daughter may be one, but his hate for lawyers and police officers had never changed through the years. Lydia smiled and mouthed the words I love you to Angela, closed her eyes and thought back to her wedding day. She wore her mothers dress they were married in this same church. Tony was in a Tuxedo that he bought and he looked sharp. She absolutely loved him. She remembered their first date. Toy brought her roses and her dad a power drill. This was a big deal because those were expensive then. She knew who and what Tony was then and now but she didn’t care. Tony respected her and her family. He was a passionate lover a wonderful father and really did have love in his heart. How he made his money was never any of her business. A lot of people surrounding Tony had been indicted and even prosecuted but Tony never spent one night in jail. She really believed that he was some type of superman. She opened her eyes and stared at her super man. She was doing her best to hold back the tears but, as the organist changed the tempo and song and she turned her gaze with the rest of the half packed church she let the tears come.

Victoria was wearing her mothers white wedding dress, she looked like snow white. with her jet black hair white dress, blue eyes and fair complexion she was absolutely flawless. There was a hushed sene of awe and enchantment that swept over the church as Victoria made her way towards the altar. Sam smiled form ear to ear, he loved this woman more than anyone else on earth right now and he couldn’t wait to make her his wife.

Victoria did her best to only look straight ahead but, she had to steal a glance at her parents. They worked so hard for her and her sister. They gave them a wonderful life and never did she ever feel unloved. She had spoke before with Angela about some of the kids she taught i the public school and she knew that the two had won the lottery. Her mom was in “water works, mascara running ” crying mode right now and Victoria let the tears roll too. Happy tears though. She. slowed down her walk to the altar and blew her mom a  kiss. Her mom blew one back. This was probably the best day of her life so far and she has had a pretty awesome life, being a Mafia princess made for a pretty cushy lifestyle.


Anxious much

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HEY EVERYBODY! Has anyone seen the show two broke girls? My girlfriend and I have been binge watching the show lately. Kayt Dennings is hilarious. There is this character on the show named Sophie. Every time Sophie walks into the diner she yells out “HEY EVERYBODY, IT’S ME SOPHIE!”

I am here, a little late but here. I mean it’s a Friday you know so I say it is ok to be late on a Friday right? Any ways I just finished chapter 9. Go ahead, read it and weep no it is not sad. Seriously though read it comment let me know what you think. Every opinion matters. Happy Friday I hope you enjoy Chapter 9 I am calling it Anxious much

Chapter 9

Jim got to 91 Public Square in downtown Cleveland early. He didn’t have to cut the grass this morning he had taken care of all the landscaping needs for the week yesterday, but he did need to let the event people into the sanctuary of the Old Stone Church and he wanted to take a look at the restrooms in the churches basement. He stood on the steps of the Old Stone Church and took in a deep cleansing breath of downtown Cleveland, it was early in the morning and the city was just now waking up. Jim loved working here, from this position he could see the three major buildings that made up most of the skyline of Cleveland Ohio. When he looked to his left he saw Key tower, directly in front of him just past the park there was the Terminal Tower and just to the left of the Terminal Tower he could see the BP building at lest that was the name he knew the building as technically the building was called 200 Public Square, it’s address. The building all 45 stories if Jim had about 150 million dollars he could name the building whatever he wanted. The investment would be a good one too, the building was full of basically long term tenants who paid their bills on time. The largest tenant put their name on the building, Huntington Bank but the building was officially named its address ad would stay that way until someone purchased it, no matter what happened to the building, for Jim Mackenzie the building would always be known as the BP Building. Jim had never been inside the BP building. When he was a kid he had been on a tour with his folks to the top of the Terminal Tower. The tour was a blast, from the observation deck of the tower 12 year old Jim looked down at the ant like people and matchbox cars. When Rhonda was 10 years old for her birthday Jim took her to the tower and she had the same Terminal Tower experience. That was 12 years ago. Rhonda was teaching now in Fort Lauderdale, every other weekend he would speak to his only child and let her know why he wasn’t ready to move to Florida and retire again. He retired from banking 6 years ago and worked for Reverend Martha ever since his retirement. Martha was good to the Mackenzie family, she was there for them when Rhondas mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Rhonda would joke about aunt Martha being like her aunt/mother. Jim loved working for the Old Stone church he was the maintenance, landscaping and tour guide. He unlocked the over sized wooden door to the Old Stone Church and his timing could not have been better, at that exact moment the white vans from the event planning committee were pulling up on the street in front of the church across the street from the park. They were offloading chairs tables and decorations. They lived and worked in the city and they knew better than to park on the street and get a ticket. Today was going to be a busy day at the Old Stone church for, it was the wedding day of Victoria Smart and Curt Anderson at least that is what the sign one of the event planning people said that she was placing in the front yard of the church. Jim took one more deep breath and headed to greet the event planning people at the curb.

Victoria had a headache from hell! Why, did she let Kim take her and the bridal party out drinking all night? Oh yeah that’s right, because she was getting married in like 5 hours and she wanted to have a little fun before she and Curt retreated to the suburbs bought a minivan, a mcmansion had 2.5 kids ad lived for the next 45 years in a “Stepfordesque” fugue state. Ok, she was really over thinking this wedding thing she had to take a deep breath and focus. She loved Curt he loved her, their lives weren’t over and they weren’t “just beginning” they were just getting married. People got married every day she was really stressed. The cell phone in her purse went off it vibrated and played the Miranda Lambert song “Drinking and Smoking.” She really liked that song, it was so calm and cool, that was how she needed to be now, she continued to tell herself this, “stay calm stay cool, do not become bridezilla.” She answered the call, ending the awesome song. The voice on the other end let her know that the event planning committee was setting up the church, this was good it meant she was on schedule. The event planning committee was at the church, all of the bridal party was with her at the hotel in her room getting their hair done and looking over their dresses and giggling, all except for Angela. Where the hell was her twin sister. She didn’t remember seeing her come back to the hotel last night. Well she was really close to not loosing it but now she lost her twin sister this was bad really really bad. Who would know where Angela was. Victoria scanned the room, the first person she recognized, most likely because of how loud she was being was Kim, no way Kim would know where her sister was. Kim and her sister hated each other. Maybe, Cynthia would know where Angela was. “Cynthia, where is my sister, she needs to get her hair done and her nails, makeup.. there is the dress and flowers..” “Victoria,don’t worry she is on her way here. I called her just a few minutes ago. She is in an Uber on her way here.” Cynthia was worried to she had called her just a few minutes ago and Angela did say she was on her way there in an Uber but, Angela never came home last night and Angela’s phone died before she could ask her about last night. She couldn’t let Victoria worry about that though, today was Victorias special day and she loved Victoria and didn’t want anything to ruin it. “Well, I tried calling her and it went straight to voice mail.” Victoria was a sight to see, if Victoria wasn’t so stressed Cynthia may have laughed about her. Phone clenched in her right fist while her left hands index finger was pointing at the phone, hair in curlers and a girl following her with a makeup brush and palette in her hands.  “Yeah she siad her phone was dying when I talked with her it probably died. Listen Victoria, Angela will be here. This is you and Curts day. More you than him. Try to stay calm and enjoy this day. You deserve it! As soon as Angela gets here I will make sure that she gets a shower and her makeup and hair down ok?” Angela said she was ok and walked back to the chair she was sitting in before her mini breakdown happened.

Angela thanked the Uber driver as he pulled up to the Radison in downtown Cleveland. She loved Uber, she didn’t have to give the driver any money or a tip. She just had to say thanks and walk out of the car. She was starting to feel a little stressed she was running late and her phone died . As she walked into the hotel she wondered what was serving her more, the phone dying or her running late. It was an interesting thought, she was old enough to remember a time when she, or everyone else, for that matter didn’t have a cell phone. The worry concerning her phones battery status was strange. It was almost like she needed to be connected at all times. What was that all about? Her philosophical queries about new technology and determents to her psyche would need to be addressed later she now stood in the hall way of the hotel in front of her sisters room she had to find the key and get ready for the wedding.

As soon as she got in the room Angela’s senses were bombarded by the scents of perfume, body spray and makeup. She fought back the immediate gag reflex. All the liquor she drank last night almost came back up. Good thing she didn’t if she had Cynthia would have been covered in nastiness. “Thank God you are here, I just got down talking your sister off the ledge. Let me go let her know that your ok and here. You stay right here and when I get back I want all the details from last night.” Cynthia hugged Angela before she made her way to the back of the hotel room.  Angela was grateful for Cynthia, she was a really good friend level headed and kind. “Yes mom I will stay here and go nowhere else.”

Technically Angela lied, she went and sat down next to an outlet a few feet from the hotel room door. The outlet looked like an octopus spaghetti mess. Coming out of the outlet was a suurge suppressor, from that there where, by Angelas count eight Iphones, all pink by the way, being charged. Angela scaned all the Iphone screens and saw that one of the phones was at 98  %. She took the cord out of the nearly charged Iphone and plugged in her dead one. Cynthia was making her way back to Angela. “So let’s hear it does he have a big apartment.” Cynthia had used air quotes when she said the word apartment. She smiled and began to dish the dirt of last nights happenings or not happenings as the two walked toward a young lady with a curling iron in her hand.

The morning after

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Hello Internets, I hoped you enjoyed yesterdays chapter. I enjoyed writing it. I know that the story can feel like it is draggung now, but trust me we are working through some slow chapters that are building the story here. Coming soon there will be some action. Because action action we want action!!

Chapter 8

In Angelas dream she was back together with Curt, the two of them were on a double date with Victoria and her fiancé Sam. Victoria was thanking Angela for coming on the date and showing up at the wedding. Victoria continued to tell Angela that she was no longer friends with Kim. Her exact words in the dream were, “ Me and kim split ways and I want to apologize to you Angela for being such a bitch to you. I owe you big time, you put up with me even though I was horrible, and a huge monstaaaa aaa aaa.” Her sister was screaming at her, at least that was what it seemed like when she started. After a while Angela realized that Victoria wasn’t screaming at her she was screaming through her and she realized it was not a scream it was Angelas alarm. she had set the alarm on her cell phone last night and if she didn’t leave right now she was going to miss her twin sisters wedding. She didn’t want to leave, she really wanted to get to know Jason better but sh had to go. she kissed Jason on the forehead and found the uber app on her cell.

Jason woke up when his alarm went off, he went in his bedroom half hoping that Angela would still be in the bed. He knew that she would have missed her sisters wedding if she was still in the bed, but he really wanted to get to know Angela better. As he brushed his teeth he wondered if it would be creepy if he called her today or tomorrow. He could call and just ask about the wedding, that wouldn’t be weird right? Jason spit and  shook his head he would focus on this later he had to get to work. Today he would let Al know that he would take the job, he knew that this was a few days early but he was sure he wanted the job, there was no reason that he should keep Al waiting. Maybe he could use the few “extra” days to learn more about what a CIO does. He was going crazy the days were not extra and he was no CIO. He googled CIO responsibilities the other day. He had to stop this second guessing of himself and had to push forward. Jason had to focus, right now he was finishing up brushing his teeth. He might not have known  how to be a CIO but, he knew how to brush his teeth. He was going to have to take his life and work one thing he knows at a time. Jason didn’t know it but this philosophy he was adopting was called Time management.

This adoption of Time management was great for a new up and coming CIO.

AL got up two hours before it was time for him to leave the home he was leasing in downtown Cleveland. Al’s wife Maria left Sunday night on a plane back to Omaha. She had been coming every weekend to visit with her husband for the last year. Al really loved Maria he wasn’t sure if he was sad about her not being there with him or that he was getting used to this weekend schedule. He had been working for the old man too long on the road. He really hoped two things would happen this year. He wanted to get Jason on board as the new CIO, that was the last position he needed to fill at Smart Nation. The second step for Al was getting that spot on the board. With a position on the board Al would not have to travel like this, there was that and  the extra pay that came with the board position. The Board position was a raise and there were the generous stock options. Al shook off the thoughts of filling CIO and getting his board position. He had a morning 3 mile run to take care of. He ran 3 miles every week day. This run was how he focused his mind and kept his body in shape.

Al made it to the office before anyone in IT and before anyone in any of the Smart Nation home office. AL would go through the KPIs fro the day before in the this early morning time. From the KPI notes Al would make his task list. He used the wunderlist app on his ipad and Iphone, he would work through this burn down list through out the day. Anything that didn’t get addressed on the burn down list would be carried over to the next day. Today was going to be a good day.

Al just completed making  the burn down list for the day when, the lights came on out in the bull pen. The lights were on sensors and when Jason got to work early he had triggered the lights. Jason had a headache from hell but his excitement made him come in early. He had never been in the office this early. Honestly he was wondering if anyone would be at work when he got there. The office wasn’t empty the security guard was at the front desk and Als office light was on. Jason looked towards Als office and wondered if he was seeing his future. After accepting the job would he be in here this early? Would getting to work this early really be that bad? It was quiet and Jason was able to use this time to answer some tickets for IT support that he had been meaning to answer.

The coffee machine always seemed to take forever and Jason was sure that this early in the morning made the coffee machine run even more slowly. The coffee almost spilled out of Jasons mug when he bumped into AL. Al was standing in Jasons cubicle. “Good morning mr. Franks, You are here early did you bring donuts?” Al was smiling while he spoke and it was the smile that tipped Jason off that this was a joke. “Ha, no I am not really a big breakfast fan but if you want some donuts I am sure I can find someone to go get some.” Now Jason was smiling and Al knew it was a joke. The levity made AL feel more comfortable with Jason and it was the comfort level change that lead Al to put his arm around Jasons shoulder as he spoke to him. “So, are you ready to start being the CIO today?” Jason smiled as he spoke “I get a nice  office right?” “Hell you get my office son, it’s the nicest one in the joint.” Jason set down his cup as he sat down in his office chair looked at Al and spoke. “Well the answer is yes then.”

The greatest night ever.

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Happy Wednesday everyone. I know it is Wednesday and you haven’t had your “The Man” fix all week and for that I apologize. I did write a chapter 7 for “The Man” and it is here. Seriously it is right here!  I am calling this chapter The greatest night ever.

Chapter 7

“What are you drinking sweetie.” Jason was steadying the brunette with a hand on the small of her back, this fact was not lost on either Jason or Angela. Angela liked Jasons hand there. “I would like a manhattan.” A manhattan was not the drink that Jason expected. An appletini, margarita or Tequila maybe a cosmopolitan not a manhattan. “Ok, one scotch and one Manhattan.” The blonde turned her back to Jason and Angela and began to make their drinks. “What are you doing out on a Monday night.” Jason hoped he would not sound paternal, but just inquisitive.  He did come across inquisitive and Angela loved the flirting Jason was doing. Angela thought that Jason looked good in an Banana Republic meets Polo way. He looked kind of like Curt, Angela hated to admit it but she definitely had a type. The drinks came and Jason slipped the the bartender a 5 and a ten. “Let’s find a place to sit down at.” Jason grabbed both drinks and began to walk towards an empty table. Angela followed. The two of them found a seat between the bar and the dance floor. Jason noticed the waitresses in short skirts walking around taking orders and bringing drinks. He wished that he took note and decided that next time he came to this club he would sit down and not wait at the bar. If he had sit down though he may have never meet Angela. “I am Jason by the way.” Jason put his hand out and offered it. Angela smiled at the hand shake and took his hand as she answered. “Hello Jason I am drunk, my name is Angela and I am here because my sister is getting married tomorrow and we are all celebrating, only I am not a bitch so I am not with the other bitches celebrating I am here getting drinks from you. Why are you here?” Jason smiled back and helped Angela into here seat as she took her hand. Angela thought it was sweet of Jason to not let her fall. Angela let her hand linger on Jasons before moving both her hands to her manhattan. Jason looked into Angelas eyes and remembering thinking that they were a pretty shade of green.”I am here celebrating too. I kind of got a promotion at work. So all your drinks are on me tonight.” Angela lifted her cup up to the sky “woo hoo, wait how do you kind of get a promotion?” “Well I haven’t accepted it yet, but tomorrow I am marching into work and taking the job.” Angela nodded, stared at Jason as he started back at her and took stock of Jason. She could definitely get down with this guy. Both of them nodded their heads as they drank and continued to stare at each other. Jason smiled and made Angela giggle like a little girl.

“O, my god! I just heard about what happened are you ok?” Cynthia was worried about Angela and so pissed at Kim! How the hell could Kim let the brides sister walk off in that state? Cynthia knew that it was only a matter of time till Vctoria realized how much of a bith Kim was and she would drop Kim, but Cynthia wasn’t sure if she could wait this out. “I am good. Cynthia this is Jason, Jason this is Cynthia, my best friend ever.” Angela was standing now hugging on Cynthia. “You want to come sit with us?” Cynthia nodded her head in the direction of the table that the bachelorette party occupied. “No, For two reasons.” Angela sat down and moved her chair closer to Jason. Angela had her drink in her left had and with her right she was making a type of piece sign. “Reason A. Kim is a bitch” She put one finger of the piece sign down as she let Cynthia know reason A. “Reason Two. I am hanging out with Jason. He is celebrating his kind of promotion.” Angela put her drink up in an effort to toast and Jason met his glass with hers. “woo hoo” “Ok just make sure you make it to the church tomorrow.” Cynthia hated that Angela didn’t want to come sit with them, but she knew Angela and there was no one who could tell Angela what to do. “Hey Jason come over her for a minute” Cynthia nodded back as she spoke to Jason. Jason got up from the table and walked over to Cyntihia.  “Cynthia pulled out a piece of paper ad wrote her phone number on it. She gave it to Jason as she spoke. “Tomorrow is Angelas sisters wedding, here is my phone number can you call me later when, Angela is ready to go home or has passed out. If Angela missed her sisters wedding it would break my heart.” Jason took the phone number and let Cynthia know that he would. Cynthia thanked him and walked away. Jason walked back to the table just in time to see Angela ordering. “And he will have another Scotch and he is also paying. He kinda got a promotion.” The waitress looked at Jason and congratulated him. Jason thanked her and asked if she would open a tab for him she took his card said no problem and let him know that she would be right back.  “What did Cynthia say?” “She wanted to know if we wanted to party with her. I let her know we would pass.” Angela looked over at Jason as she spoke. “We both know that is not what she said.” Jason smiled sat down and put his arm around Angela as he spoke. “You have good friends.”  Angela looked into Jasons eyes and risked getting lost again. “Yea, Cynthia is a great friend but enough about her lets talk about us. How many more drinks is it going to take to get you on the dance floor?” Jason laughed as he answered back. “Let’s see.”

The two of them drank more than Jason had planned on drinking. The minutes turned into hours and before she knew it the bachloerette party had left without Angela. Had she not been drinking Angela would be very upset but she was drinking and she was feeling ok. She knew she would regret it in the morning but right now she was actually on top of the world.

The night went by in a blur, the couple drank danced and even did a little karaoke, then it was closing time. They didn’t have to go home but they couldn’t stay there. Angela looked at Jason in a sheepish coy way and asked “so are you taking me to your house or what cowboy?” Jason grabbed his keys “sounds like a plan to me.”

Paul loved the way the 7 Eleven felt at 4:00 in the morning. The air was the coldest then and it was dead silent. He took this quiet time to work on his school work. He was going to Cleveland State and majoring in Astro Psychics. His dad scoffed at him when he let him know what his major was but his mom was so proud of her baby. When Jason and Angela walked into the 7 Eleven Paul was in the middle of solving his equation that would give him his weight on Mars. The two walked in holding hands both of them were drunk and they looked like they were having fun. Angela tried on a pair of the cheap sunglasses they sold at the store and posed for Jason. Jason snapped a picture with his phone. Jason decided to stop for some protection. On his way to the the 7 Eleven before going home Angela made fun of Jason for stopping at the store. Her exact words were “Someone thinks he is going to get laid tonight.” Then Angela winked at Jason and told him that he was going to get laid. This night was going great for Jason. He smiled as Angela got next to him and took his phone. She held the phone out at arms length and snapped a selfie of her and Jason. After the selfie she proceeded to put her phone number into Jasons cell. “This is so you will not forgot about me Casanova.” After entering the phone number in his phone, Angela made their selfie her phone numbers picture for being so drunk she was pretty lucid.

Paul checked out the happy couple and went back to finishing his homework. The couple went back to Jasons house and in a perfect world the two made wild passionate love but in this world Angelas lucidity quitter some heavy making out and she passed out. Jason out Angela into his bed and crashed on the couch. He didn’t get some but he still had a great time, even if he did have to sleep on the couch.

Let’s Celebrate

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Did you miss me? I missed all of you. It’s been a while. I went on vacation, did some work and wrote another chapter. Happy Cat told me that Jason should go through a messy divorce. Something scandalous. I am not sure about the divorce angle but Jason does need some romance and he needs to celebrate so I would like to introduce chapter 7 I am titling chapter 7 Let’s Celebrate, enjoy.

Chapter 6

For Jason time felt like it was at a standstill.  When 5 o’clock came Jason was free. He was excited about his freedom, until, he realized that he was going home to an empty house.  Technically, because of Jason and Melissa’s dichotomous schedules Jason always came home from work to an empty house, in the past however, the house was technically empty but not really empty. The weekends were great, he and Melissa would go on mini trips to see different things in Cleveland and all over the great state of Ohio but, when Jason really thought about it they had not taken a mini trip in about six months. Jason was really being nostalgic. His house had been empty for the last six months and his relationship was dead for the last six months.  Many couples fail to spot and acknowledge this. We love to keep things like relationships going.   One or both parties assume and feel like it is “just one thing”  that could make this better. Often both parties fail to acknowledge the truth and that truth as it was and is with Jason and Melissa is often that the relationship is over. Jason realized this at 10 o’clock that Monday afternoon.  At the same time Jason realized the relationship was over and the house had been empty for months he also realized that, he was getting promoted paid and would soon be a “free man”.  It was time to celebrate! He would celebrate the end of a dead relationship, a low level IT job and the beginning of a new era.

Angela was happy for her sister she really was. She loved her younger sister. Angela and Victoria were inseparable for years.  The two siblings were less than a year apart. The neighboring ages helped make them become best friends as well as sisters. Even if she seemed like she was not happy for her sister because, according to Pamela, she was “moping around”, in the back of the limousine, she really was happy. It was Pamela’s accusations about Angela being melancholy that prompted the binge drinking that Angela engaged in. She was happy for her sister, but kind of depressed   about her own life. She wasn’t getting younger and she was in between relationships. Curt, Angela’s last boyfriend had just ended their 3 year relationship a year ago and the pool for single 37 year old women in Cleveland Ohio was full of losers. Angela was now drinking away her pain and also drinking to her sisters happiness. This drinking was magnifying the already intense emotions and making her a star and a pariah at her sisters bachelorette party. “Look Angela, Victoria wants to go to The Warehouse and then we will go home. Do you think you can handle one more bar?” Cynthia was drunk or what she liked to call “just a little buzzed, but she was no where near where Angela was. Cynthia had been friends with both Angela and Victoria since they were in high school together. She tried her best to talk Angela into maybe skipping Victorias bachelorette party. When she was unable to make that happened, she tried to get Victoria to do something at her house and abandon the bar hopping party limo plan that Kim had planned. She could remember a story on NPR about a lot of bachelorette parties opting out of the male strip clubs and drinking for a nice party at the house with puppies that you rented. She thought the story was weird and she was ninety nine percent sure that, had she been invited to one of those parties she would have not gone but, seeing Angela so inebriated and not passing out she would have loved to be sipping wine and cooing over puppies right now. The bachelorette party  started early at Kims house. The cake and wine was served, followed by male strippers, that Cynthia thought smelled pretty bad, looked good though but they needed some deodorant. After the strippers The party Limo arrived. They had dinner downtown  at Lola. Angela held her composure and for a minute Cynthia thought maybe Angela would be able to handle the whole, younger sister getting married while her love life was in idle or as Angela put it to Cynthia when she got the wedding invite. “Fucking reverse”. After dinner and more wine the ladies went to their first bar of the night in the flats. The flats are part of downtown Cleveland that is home to some of the coolest night clubs in the state. They started at a club called Anatomy, there were some hot bartenders but Kim felt like it wasn’t “happening” Cynthia wanted to remind Cynthia that it was still early, it was only like 10 o’clock, however one thing Cynthia learned about Victorias Maid of honor and new best friend was that you can never correct her. The ladies piled into the limo and headed off to a club called The Velvet Dog. Angela was crying on the Limo ride to the Velvet Dog. The Velvet Dog was rumored to have, the best martinis in the world. Cynthia had two and thought they were good. Angela must have really felt like they were the best in the world she had 5. The group left the Velvet Dog because Kim saw some friends from the “bourgeoisie” crowd there. Cynthia was in shock. For starters, she had never heard someone use the word bourgeoisie in casual conversation before and they were going to yet another club, it was now midnight and they were going to their third club. Cynthia was not really a fan of Kim but, Kim was the maid of honor and she loved Angela and Victoria. Tomorrow was Victorias day and she would do anything for Victoria even put up with this bitch. Now here she was talking with Angela making sure she was ok while the limo pulled up to  a night club named DNA Level C.

Jason pulled up to the club just before midnight. It was a weeknight, a Monday night and he knew he would be sad about being out so late, in the morning but, he knew that no sleep was coming. Jason decided to celebrate the promotion at club DNA Level C. Jason headed straight for the bar. He was a scotch man. While waiting for the tan blonde bartender to ask him for his order Jason smiled while he wondered if anyone else at the bar was ordering whiskey. he listened and most of the orders where drinks he had never heard of, the music was loud and Jason felt old. Jason wanted to celebrate but he was quickly realizing that, this club was not his scene. He was getting ready to leave when a brunette fell over him at the bar. “Buy me a drink sexy?” The last thing Angla needed was a drink but it was what she wanted. She wanted to drink until she passed out, she wanted to be still be dating Curt. She wasn’t going too be able to date Curt anymore that was clear but she was able to drink and she decided that no woman should pay for her drinks. Earlier that night in the club Kim and Angela got into a tiff Kim let Angela know that she was an embarrassment and that she needed to “pull herself together sober up and not be late tomorrow for the wedding. Fuck that thought Angela, but what she said was “Fine I will take a cab home, bitch see you tomorrow.” She was going to call the cab but she decided there was no reason this hot looking dude couldn’t buy her a dink first.

Jason was honestly in shock that this brunette was asking for him to buy her a drink. Granted she was pretty wasted but still this was a huge confidence builder and she called him sexy! Jason decided that DNA Level C maybe his scene after all.