Let’s Celebrate

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Did you miss me? I missed all of you. It’s been a while. I went on vacation, did some work and wrote another chapter. Happy Cat told me that Jason should go through a messy divorce. Something scandalous. I am not sure about the divorce angle but Jason does need some romance and he needs to celebrate so I would like to introduce chapter 7 I am titling chapter 7 Let’s Celebrate, enjoy.

Chapter 6

For Jason time felt like it was at a standstill.  When 5 o’clock came Jason was free. He was excited about his freedom, until, he realized that he was going home to an empty house.  Technically, because of Jason and Melissa’s dichotomous schedules Jason always came home from work to an empty house, in the past however, the house was technically empty but not really empty. The weekends were great, he and Melissa would go on mini trips to see different things in Cleveland and all over the great state of Ohio but, when Jason really thought about it they had not taken a mini trip in about six months. Jason was really being nostalgic. His house had been empty for the last six months and his relationship was dead for the last six months.  Many couples fail to spot and acknowledge this. We love to keep things like relationships going.   One or both parties assume and feel like it is “just one thing”  that could make this better. Often both parties fail to acknowledge the truth and that truth as it was and is with Jason and Melissa is often that the relationship is over. Jason realized this at 10 o’clock that Monday afternoon.  At the same time Jason realized the relationship was over and the house had been empty for months he also realized that, he was getting promoted paid and would soon be a “free man”.  It was time to celebrate! He would celebrate the end of a dead relationship, a low level IT job and the beginning of a new era.

Angela was happy for her sister she really was. She loved her younger sister. Angela and Victoria were inseparable for years.  The two siblings were less than a year apart. The neighboring ages helped make them become best friends as well as sisters. Even if she seemed like she was not happy for her sister because, according to Pamela, she was “moping around”, in the back of the limousine, she really was happy. It was Pamela’s accusations about Angela being melancholy that prompted the binge drinking that Angela engaged in. She was happy for her sister, but kind of depressed   about her own life. She wasn’t getting younger and she was in between relationships. Curt, Angela’s last boyfriend had just ended their 3 year relationship a year ago and the pool for single 37 year old women in Cleveland Ohio was full of losers. Angela was now drinking away her pain and also drinking to her sisters happiness. This drinking was magnifying the already intense emotions and making her a star and a pariah at her sisters bachelorette party. “Look Angela, Victoria wants to go to The Warehouse and then we will go home. Do you think you can handle one more bar?” Cynthia was drunk or what she liked to call “just a little buzzed, but she was no where near where Angela was. Cynthia had been friends with both Angela and Victoria since they were in high school together. She tried her best to talk Angela into maybe skipping Victorias bachelorette party. When she was unable to make that happened, she tried to get Victoria to do something at her house and abandon the bar hopping party limo plan that Kim had planned. She could remember a story on NPR about a lot of bachelorette parties opting out of the male strip clubs and drinking for a nice party at the house with puppies that you rented. She thought the story was weird and she was ninety nine percent sure that, had she been invited to one of those parties she would have not gone but, seeing Angela so inebriated and not passing out she would have loved to be sipping wine and cooing over puppies right now. The bachelorette party  started early at Kims house. The cake and wine was served, followed by male strippers, that Cynthia thought smelled pretty bad, looked good though but they needed some deodorant. After the strippers The party Limo arrived. They had dinner downtown  at Lola. Angela held her composure and for a minute Cynthia thought maybe Angela would be able to handle the whole, younger sister getting married while her love life was in idle or as Angela put it to Cynthia when she got the wedding invite. “Fucking reverse”. After dinner and more wine the ladies went to their first bar of the night in the flats. The flats are part of downtown Cleveland that is home to some of the coolest night clubs in the state. They started at a club called Anatomy, there were some hot bartenders but Kim felt like it wasn’t “happening” Cynthia wanted to remind Cynthia that it was still early, it was only like 10 o’clock, however one thing Cynthia learned about Victorias Maid of honor and new best friend was that you can never correct her. The ladies piled into the limo and headed off to a club called The Velvet Dog. Angela was crying on the Limo ride to the Velvet Dog. The Velvet Dog was rumored to have, the best martinis in the world. Cynthia had two and thought they were good. Angela must have really felt like they were the best in the world she had 5. The group left the Velvet Dog because Kim saw some friends from the “bourgeoisie” crowd there. Cynthia was in shock. For starters, she had never heard someone use the word bourgeoisie in casual conversation before and they were going to yet another club, it was now midnight and they were going to their third club. Cynthia was not really a fan of Kim but, Kim was the maid of honor and she loved Angela and Victoria. Tomorrow was Victorias day and she would do anything for Victoria even put up with this bitch. Now here she was talking with Angela making sure she was ok while the limo pulled up to  a night club named DNA Level C.

Jason pulled up to the club just before midnight. It was a weeknight, a Monday night and he knew he would be sad about being out so late, in the morning but, he knew that no sleep was coming. Jason decided to celebrate the promotion at club DNA Level C. Jason headed straight for the bar. He was a scotch man. While waiting for the tan blonde bartender to ask him for his order Jason smiled while he wondered if anyone else at the bar was ordering whiskey. he listened and most of the orders where drinks he had never heard of, the music was loud and Jason felt old. Jason wanted to celebrate but he was quickly realizing that, this club was not his scene. He was getting ready to leave when a brunette fell over him at the bar. “Buy me a drink sexy?” The last thing Angla needed was a drink but it was what she wanted. She wanted to drink until she passed out, she wanted to be still be dating Curt. She wasn’t going too be able to date Curt anymore that was clear but she was able to drink and she decided that no woman should pay for her drinks. Earlier that night in the club Kim and Angela got into a tiff Kim let Angela know that she was an embarrassment and that she needed to “pull herself together sober up and not be late tomorrow for the wedding. Fuck that thought Angela, but what she said was “Fine I will take a cab home, bitch see you tomorrow.” She was going to call the cab but she decided there was no reason this hot looking dude couldn’t buy her a dink first.

Jason was honestly in shock that this brunette was asking for him to buy her a drink. Granted she was pretty wasted but still this was a huge confidence builder and she called him sexy! Jason decided that DNA Level C maybe his scene after all.


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