The greatest night ever.

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Happy Wednesday everyone. I know it is Wednesday and you haven’t had your “The Man” fix all week and for that I apologize. I did write a chapter 7 for “The Man” and it is here. Seriously it is right here!  I am calling this chapter The greatest night ever.

Chapter 7

“What are you drinking sweetie.” Jason was steadying the brunette with a hand on the small of her back, this fact was not lost on either Jason or Angela. Angela liked Jasons hand there. “I would like a manhattan.” A manhattan was not the drink that Jason expected. An appletini, margarita or Tequila maybe a cosmopolitan not a manhattan. “Ok, one scotch and one Manhattan.” The blonde turned her back to Jason and Angela and began to make their drinks. “What are you doing out on a Monday night.” Jason hoped he would not sound paternal, but just inquisitive.  He did come across inquisitive and Angela loved the flirting Jason was doing. Angela thought that Jason looked good in an Banana Republic meets Polo way. He looked kind of like Curt, Angela hated to admit it but she definitely had a type. The drinks came and Jason slipped the the bartender a 5 and a ten. “Let’s find a place to sit down at.” Jason grabbed both drinks and began to walk towards an empty table. Angela followed. The two of them found a seat between the bar and the dance floor. Jason noticed the waitresses in short skirts walking around taking orders and bringing drinks. He wished that he took note and decided that next time he came to this club he would sit down and not wait at the bar. If he had sit down though he may have never meet Angela. “I am Jason by the way.” Jason put his hand out and offered it. Angela smiled at the hand shake and took his hand as she answered. “Hello Jason I am drunk, my name is Angela and I am here because my sister is getting married tomorrow and we are all celebrating, only I am not a bitch so I am not with the other bitches celebrating I am here getting drinks from you. Why are you here?” Jason smiled back and helped Angela into here seat as she took her hand. Angela thought it was sweet of Jason to not let her fall. Angela let her hand linger on Jasons before moving both her hands to her manhattan. Jason looked into Angelas eyes and remembering thinking that they were a pretty shade of green.”I am here celebrating too. I kind of got a promotion at work. So all your drinks are on me tonight.” Angela lifted her cup up to the sky “woo hoo, wait how do you kind of get a promotion?” “Well I haven’t accepted it yet, but tomorrow I am marching into work and taking the job.” Angela nodded, stared at Jason as he started back at her and took stock of Jason. She could definitely get down with this guy. Both of them nodded their heads as they drank and continued to stare at each other. Jason smiled and made Angela giggle like a little girl.

“O, my god! I just heard about what happened are you ok?” Cynthia was worried about Angela and so pissed at Kim! How the hell could Kim let the brides sister walk off in that state? Cynthia knew that it was only a matter of time till Vctoria realized how much of a bith Kim was and she would drop Kim, but Cynthia wasn’t sure if she could wait this out. “I am good. Cynthia this is Jason, Jason this is Cynthia, my best friend ever.” Angela was standing now hugging on Cynthia. “You want to come sit with us?” Cynthia nodded her head in the direction of the table that the bachelorette party occupied. “No, For two reasons.” Angela sat down and moved her chair closer to Jason. Angela had her drink in her left had and with her right she was making a type of piece sign. “Reason A. Kim is a bitch” She put one finger of the piece sign down as she let Cynthia know reason A. “Reason Two. I am hanging out with Jason. He is celebrating his kind of promotion.” Angela put her drink up in an effort to toast and Jason met his glass with hers. “woo hoo” “Ok just make sure you make it to the church tomorrow.” Cynthia hated that Angela didn’t want to come sit with them, but she knew Angela and there was no one who could tell Angela what to do. “Hey Jason come over her for a minute” Cynthia nodded back as she spoke to Jason. Jason got up from the table and walked over to Cyntihia.  “Cynthia pulled out a piece of paper ad wrote her phone number on it. She gave it to Jason as she spoke. “Tomorrow is Angelas sisters wedding, here is my phone number can you call me later when, Angela is ready to go home or has passed out. If Angela missed her sisters wedding it would break my heart.” Jason took the phone number and let Cynthia know that he would. Cynthia thanked him and walked away. Jason walked back to the table just in time to see Angela ordering. “And he will have another Scotch and he is also paying. He kinda got a promotion.” The waitress looked at Jason and congratulated him. Jason thanked her and asked if she would open a tab for him she took his card said no problem and let him know that she would be right back.  “What did Cynthia say?” “She wanted to know if we wanted to party with her. I let her know we would pass.” Angela looked over at Jason as she spoke. “We both know that is not what she said.” Jason smiled sat down and put his arm around Angela as he spoke. “You have good friends.”  Angela looked into Jasons eyes and risked getting lost again. “Yea, Cynthia is a great friend but enough about her lets talk about us. How many more drinks is it going to take to get you on the dance floor?” Jason laughed as he answered back. “Let’s see.”

The two of them drank more than Jason had planned on drinking. The minutes turned into hours and before she knew it the bachloerette party had left without Angela. Had she not been drinking Angela would be very upset but she was drinking and she was feeling ok. She knew she would regret it in the morning but right now she was actually on top of the world.

The night went by in a blur, the couple drank danced and even did a little karaoke, then it was closing time. They didn’t have to go home but they couldn’t stay there. Angela looked at Jason in a sheepish coy way and asked “so are you taking me to your house or what cowboy?” Jason grabbed his keys “sounds like a plan to me.”

Paul loved the way the 7 Eleven felt at 4:00 in the morning. The air was the coldest then and it was dead silent. He took this quiet time to work on his school work. He was going to Cleveland State and majoring in Astro Psychics. His dad scoffed at him when he let him know what his major was but his mom was so proud of her baby. When Jason and Angela walked into the 7 Eleven Paul was in the middle of solving his equation that would give him his weight on Mars. The two walked in holding hands both of them were drunk and they looked like they were having fun. Angela tried on a pair of the cheap sunglasses they sold at the store and posed for Jason. Jason snapped a picture with his phone. Jason decided to stop for some protection. On his way to the the 7 Eleven before going home Angela made fun of Jason for stopping at the store. Her exact words were “Someone thinks he is going to get laid tonight.” Then Angela winked at Jason and told him that he was going to get laid. This night was going great for Jason. He smiled as Angela got next to him and took his phone. She held the phone out at arms length and snapped a selfie of her and Jason. After the selfie she proceeded to put her phone number into Jasons cell. “This is so you will not forgot about me Casanova.” After entering the phone number in his phone, Angela made their selfie her phone numbers picture for being so drunk she was pretty lucid.

Paul checked out the happy couple and went back to finishing his homework. The couple went back to Jasons house and in a perfect world the two made wild passionate love but in this world Angelas lucidity quitter some heavy making out and she passed out. Jason out Angela into his bed and crashed on the couch. He didn’t get some but he still had a great time, even if he did have to sleep on the couch.


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