The morning after

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Hello Internets, I hoped you enjoyed yesterdays chapter. I enjoyed writing it. I know that the story can feel like it is draggung now, but trust me we are working through some slow chapters that are building the story here. Coming soon there will be some action. Because action action we want action!!

Chapter 8

In Angelas dream she was back together with Curt, the two of them were on a double date with Victoria and her fiancé Sam. Victoria was thanking Angela for coming on the date and showing up at the wedding. Victoria continued to tell Angela that she was no longer friends with Kim. Her exact words in the dream were, “ Me and kim split ways and I want to apologize to you Angela for being such a bitch to you. I owe you big time, you put up with me even though I was horrible, and a huge monstaaaa aaa aaa.” Her sister was screaming at her, at least that was what it seemed like when she started. After a while Angela realized that Victoria wasn’t screaming at her she was screaming through her and she realized it was not a scream it was Angelas alarm. she had set the alarm on her cell phone last night and if she didn’t leave right now she was going to miss her twin sisters wedding. She didn’t want to leave, she really wanted to get to know Jason better but sh had to go. she kissed Jason on the forehead and found the uber app on her cell.

Jason woke up when his alarm went off, he went in his bedroom half hoping that Angela would still be in the bed. He knew that she would have missed her sisters wedding if she was still in the bed, but he really wanted to get to know Angela better. As he brushed his teeth he wondered if it would be creepy if he called her today or tomorrow. He could call and just ask about the wedding, that wouldn’t be weird right? Jason spit and  shook his head he would focus on this later he had to get to work. Today he would let Al know that he would take the job, he knew that this was a few days early but he was sure he wanted the job, there was no reason that he should keep Al waiting. Maybe he could use the few “extra” days to learn more about what a CIO does. He was going crazy the days were not extra and he was no CIO. He googled CIO responsibilities the other day. He had to stop this second guessing of himself and had to push forward. Jason had to focus, right now he was finishing up brushing his teeth. He might not have known  how to be a CIO but, he knew how to brush his teeth. He was going to have to take his life and work one thing he knows at a time. Jason didn’t know it but this philosophy he was adopting was called Time management.

This adoption of Time management was great for a new up and coming CIO.

AL got up two hours before it was time for him to leave the home he was leasing in downtown Cleveland. Al’s wife Maria left Sunday night on a plane back to Omaha. She had been coming every weekend to visit with her husband for the last year. Al really loved Maria he wasn’t sure if he was sad about her not being there with him or that he was getting used to this weekend schedule. He had been working for the old man too long on the road. He really hoped two things would happen this year. He wanted to get Jason on board as the new CIO, that was the last position he needed to fill at Smart Nation. The second step for Al was getting that spot on the board. With a position on the board Al would not have to travel like this, there was that and  the extra pay that came with the board position. The Board position was a raise and there were the generous stock options. Al shook off the thoughts of filling CIO and getting his board position. He had a morning 3 mile run to take care of. He ran 3 miles every week day. This run was how he focused his mind and kept his body in shape.

Al made it to the office before anyone in IT and before anyone in any of the Smart Nation home office. AL would go through the KPIs fro the day before in the this early morning time. From the KPI notes Al would make his task list. He used the wunderlist app on his ipad and Iphone, he would work through this burn down list through out the day. Anything that didn’t get addressed on the burn down list would be carried over to the next day. Today was going to be a good day.

Al just completed making  the burn down list for the day when, the lights came on out in the bull pen. The lights were on sensors and when Jason got to work early he had triggered the lights. Jason had a headache from hell but his excitement made him come in early. He had never been in the office this early. Honestly he was wondering if anyone would be at work when he got there. The office wasn’t empty the security guard was at the front desk and Als office light was on. Jason looked towards Als office and wondered if he was seeing his future. After accepting the job would he be in here this early? Would getting to work this early really be that bad? It was quiet and Jason was able to use this time to answer some tickets for IT support that he had been meaning to answer.

The coffee machine always seemed to take forever and Jason was sure that this early in the morning made the coffee machine run even more slowly. The coffee almost spilled out of Jasons mug when he bumped into AL. Al was standing in Jasons cubicle. “Good morning mr. Franks, You are here early did you bring donuts?” Al was smiling while he spoke and it was the smile that tipped Jason off that this was a joke. “Ha, no I am not really a big breakfast fan but if you want some donuts I am sure I can find someone to go get some.” Now Jason was smiling and Al knew it was a joke. The levity made AL feel more comfortable with Jason and it was the comfort level change that lead Al to put his arm around Jasons shoulder as he spoke to him. “So, are you ready to start being the CIO today?” Jason smiled as he spoke “I get a nice  office right?” “Hell you get my office son, it’s the nicest one in the joint.” Jason set down his cup as he sat down in his office chair looked at Al and spoke. “Well the answer is yes then.”


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