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It has been some time since our last chapter and for that I do apologize. The last post I made was for chapter 9. In chapter 9 we got some more insight into Angela. I am a fan of strong women I was raised by one grew up with three and am dating one now. I want to go a little deeper into exploring Angela. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Angela is going to become a major player in our story, don’t worry we will get back to Jason soon enough, but let’s enjoy learning more about Angela shall we I am calling this chapter…

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chapter 10

The Old Stone Church held 600 people comfortably, the church was only half full, for the Rossi Wagner wedding. Sams family had a modest 100 attendees the rest were from Victoria Rossi’s family and friends. The Rossi family was a very well known family in Cleveland Ohio. Anout 200 people came out as part Of the Rossi side of the family. Sam stood at the altar and looked out over the people, filling the pews of the Old Stone Church. He loved Victoria so much, he closed his eyes and remembered the first day he saw her at the office. He had just made partner and felt on top of the world. He wasn’t really dating anyone there were two girls he wasn’t really serious about, the women looked good on paper but there just wasn’t a spark or any real romance. When he saw Victoria Rossi the sparks flew! She had jet black hair blue eyes and was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He asked some of his friends about the new woman he had seen in the office. His pal Hank, who was his best man and currently standing next to him at the altar let hime know that, he should avoid her. His exact words were; “stay away dude, her dad runs this town and can make people like me and you disappear. Besides she got this job because of her father.” Sam was so glad that he did not listen to him. He pursued Victoria, their romance took time they dated for three years. He learned that she was an amazing person a great lawyer and he couldn’t live without her. What he didn’t learn was just how powerful and complicated Anthony Rossi was.

Tony Rossi sat in the church staring at the man, who would marry his daughter. Sam was a good man a lawyer but a good man. Tony hated lawyers! He was a first  generation Italian immigrant, born in Italy migrated to Cleveland in 1965 a 15 year old Tony came to the states with his father Tino Rossi. Maria Rossi died in Naples before the Rossi family made the trip. The family consisted of just Tino and Tony. Maria died in a brutal strike in on of the factories she worked in. The country was in turmoil. Tino was a professor at the university he had saved all the money he had and spent it getting him and Tony to America. It worked the Rossi family made it. Tiny got a job right away working on the bridges ad joined the Union. Tony went to school and got a great education, he learned to speak english. At 18 a high school graduate, Tony got a job at Joseph and Feiss as a seamstress. An older man took him on and began to mentor him. Tony learned how to fix the machinery at Joseph and Feiss, joined the union there and learned how power and influence worked and could be used to make the world better. Tony also learned how powerful lawyers where and who really ran the world. Tony initially, hated attorneys but he learned how to manipulate and use attorneys. He never became an attorney but as he grew in influence and power he became an important client to attorneys. Now he had one daughter who was an attorney and was marrying an attorney and another daughter who was a school teacher. He smiled at Angela in pink walking down the isle before her twin sister his smile was shared by his wife Lydia. They were both so proud of both of their daughters. Lydia worried that if Angela did not start dating that she would become a spinster. Angelas mother liked Curt but her husband Tony did not, Lydia knew then that the relationship would never last and that made her sad. If Tony were not Tony she would have said something to him about supporting Angela but no one, not even his wife gave Tony Rossi any advice.

Lydia was honestly in shock that Sam and Victoria were getting married. Tony may spend a  lot of time with lawyers and his daughter may be one, but his hate for lawyers and police officers had never changed through the years. Lydia smiled and mouthed the words I love you to Angela, closed her eyes and thought back to her wedding day. She wore her mothers dress they were married in this same church. Tony was in a Tuxedo that he bought and he looked sharp. She absolutely loved him. She remembered their first date. Toy brought her roses and her dad a power drill. This was a big deal because those were expensive then. She knew who and what Tony was then and now but she didn’t care. Tony respected her and her family. He was a passionate lover a wonderful father and really did have love in his heart. How he made his money was never any of her business. A lot of people surrounding Tony had been indicted and even prosecuted but Tony never spent one night in jail. She really believed that he was some type of superman. She opened her eyes and stared at her super man. She was doing her best to hold back the tears but, as the organist changed the tempo and song and she turned her gaze with the rest of the half packed church she let the tears come.

Victoria was wearing her mothers white wedding dress, she looked like snow white. with her jet black hair white dress, blue eyes and fair complexion she was absolutely flawless. There was a hushed sene of awe and enchantment that swept over the church as Victoria made her way towards the altar. Sam smiled form ear to ear, he loved this woman more than anyone else on earth right now and he couldn’t wait to make her his wife.

Victoria did her best to only look straight ahead but, she had to steal a glance at her parents. They worked so hard for her and her sister. They gave them a wonderful life and never did she ever feel unloved. She had spoke before with Angela about some of the kids she taught i the public school and she knew that the two had won the lottery. Her mom was in “water works, mascara running ” crying mode right now and Victoria let the tears roll too. Happy tears though. She. slowed down her walk to the altar and blew her mom a  kiss. Her mom blew one back. This was probably the best day of her life so far and she has had a pretty awesome life, being a Mafia princess made for a pretty cushy lifestyle.


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