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Much much longer….

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It has been even longer. I am so sorry about all this time away from my one fan. you deserve better and I like to think I have that with chapter 11, however before you start reading and hopefully enjoy the newest chapter, tell me about what is going on with you. Ok I am going to imagine that there have been major changes in your life that have had you rethink everything. No? While there have been some major changes for me, that have made me rethink everything I thought about my professional life. You know I hear people say do not take it personal but you have to right? I mean what else is there if we do not have loyalty. Getting personal at work and loyalty that is what this chapter is about. I am thinking about naming this one Getting personal. Our protagonist, Jason was learning the ropes at his new position and he is about to get some bad news. What will he do.

Chapter 11

While Angela walked down the Isle of the Old Stone Church, Jason was walking into his new office. The CIO office had a window with a spectacular view of the Cleveland skyline. The view let him see, both Progressive field and the Cleveland Browns stadium. “As new CIO one of your most important duties will be reporting the KPI’s to the board.” Also voice snapped Jason out of the trance that the view placed him in. Jason heard KPI and mentally translated it, KeyPerformance Indicators. “Which performance indicators are we reporting on?” Jason turned and faced Al just in time to see gratitude on his face. He was pleased to see that Jason knew what a KPI was. Al checked, Jasons resume before giving him this promotion and had seen that Jason got his degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Management. The degree was over 13 years ago and truth be told Al was little apprehensive about hiring someone more from the tech side of the house than the business. Jason could see the look in ALs face and felt good about knowing what a KPI was. All the Planet Money podcasts he had listened too finally paid off.

“Well, Jason we report on, availability, IT Cost, Risk, Rate of Application Change, Help Desk response times and our Customers Satisfaction.” What followed  was an in depth lesson, give to Jason by Al about how all the KPIs where collected measured and entered into a matrix. The matrix was stored on the corporate server. All corporate executives had access to views of all the KPI’s as well as the data that created the KPIs and IT looked like it was doing great at Smart Nation. Actually, the IT department was doing well, truth be told only the CEO of Smart Nation and board members of Midwest Financial knew what the  targets were for all the KPIs and since Al Lacomb took over as CIO and COO of Smart Nation both departments he managed had about an 85% rate when it came to making the targets set by the Midwest Financial board for the departments KPI’s.  Al let Jason know all of this as they clicked through the charts and the diagrams made Jason’s head spin. “Alright take a look at the matrix. I have a meeting to take, then you will attend the next one. It’s on your calendar already.”  Al checked his watch as he spoke to Jason. Jason’s boss walked out with the air of a person who was busy but to rushed. Jason watched the walk and thought that this was the place he wanted to be at in his career. Jason wanted to be busy but not rushed, he wanted to be in charge of his career and others. The smile on Jasons face was reminiscent of the “cat who ate the canary”, he interlaced his fingers behind his head and breathed a breath of relaxation. The tension tied up in his stomach released. Jason was going to do well in this new position. As he clicked through charts and graphs he knew he was going to kill the meeting.

Al walked into his office, he passed the break room on his way to the office but, decided not to stop in and get a cup of coffee. He didn’t get a cup because he wasn’t thirsty, he was and he wanted a cup of coffee. He didn’t get a cup because he was going to send his assistant to grab a cup for him. He leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers behind his head, it was not even 9:30 yet and AL already had the feeling of the sense of accomplishment. He would soon be leaving Cleveland heading back west, his hope was to get that coveted spot on the old mans board of directors. He had proven himself over the years for the old man. City after city, reduction of force after reduction. He smiled then frowned as he recalled the nickname he was given by the employees of the companies he was sent to trim and make liquid. One local publication had the old mans company and name on the front page. The publication did not refer to Al by name, it called him the hatchet man. The article was published early on in Als career and it made him pretty upset. He was young and idealistic, but time and experience made AL a pragmatic tough bastard. He has been accused of being a cynic, hands unlocked he visibly shook his head left and right, as if he was letting his accusers know that he was not a cynic. There were no accusers in the office though Al was alone with his thoughts in silence. “Good morning.”  Als assistant, Martha interrupted the silence with her greeting. As she spoke she set a coffee mug down on Als desk. Man Al was going to miss Martha when he moved back out west. Martha was a wonderful assistant, she was like his right hand. Now she would be Jasons right hand. Jason was a fortunate man. He was getting a dream job and a wonderful assistant in Martha. Al had about twenty minutes till the board meeting. He picked up the phone to make sure that Jason had received the email invite and that he understood the meeting was virtual but that he should be in ALs office for it.

The ringing phone almost made Jason jump out of his skin. All of his focus was on the KPI’s and the companies intranet site. He let Al know that he did receive the invite and he would be in the his office soon. Part of Jason wondered as he walked into ALs office, what furniture was staying and what was going. He really liked the desk and chair. The desk was massive and had this green leather inlay on the surface. Jason imagined his name on the name plate of the desk with the word CIO under it. The thought was nice. He wasn’t really an ambitious man but, standing in the office admiring the desk and imagining nice name on it he now began to understand how ambition worked and why it was so addictive. Al pointed to a seat in the middle of the office. Jason sat down in it and Al sat next to him. The two were facing a rather large television with an impressive camera pointed at them. On the screen they saw a board room in Nebraska. Jason didn’t know it but this was the board of Midwest security, the men in this room were some of the most powerful and richest men in the world and he was going to report to them from now on Do their bidding and soon he would realize their dirty work.