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It is the last Monday of May and this is a special day. On the last Monday of May the United States citizens remember the veterans who have died while serving their nation.

It is a somber holiday and hard to know how to celebrate it. No one wants death but it comes to us all doesn’t it? I mean think about life no one gets out alive. Our hope is that we leave a legacy for the next generation. I can think of few legacies more special than one of a respectful service for ones nation.

The Nation of the United States of America is less an institution and more of an idea. The idea that, everyone counts and deserves freedom and respect. The poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich all only get one vote. The USA is the idea that, when the idea of the majority is one in which the minority looses fundamental human right, the legacy of the nation is one in which the minorities basic human rights are protected. I love this idea and I really think this idea and many other great ideas are what our veterans who have died in war fought and died for. It is the idea of the United States that makes me feel and believe that our veterans deserve to be honored, not just the veterans who have died but the ones who have survived and the family members who are survived. No veteran should ever be homeless or hungry. The nation has to do better with the way it treats veterans. What a better day to start doing better than Memorial Day. Want to make a difference?

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and do your best to always be kind.





Nickelback sings a song titled photograph. I love this song. The song is about a person looking through a photo album and reminiscing about times gone by. The photographs make the singer laugh cry want to go back in time but the singer realizes that they cannot go back. We cannot go back but we can enjoy every moment he same way that the singer enjoys the photograph.

I am going to try and embrace this idea and take “mental photographs”. Step back periodically and be truly grateful for everything in my life.

Tomorrow my oldest child is graduating from high school and I am very proud and excited for him. I think back on his life till now and it makes me smile and laugh. The time has passed by so fast and yet every second of my time with him and his brothers and sisters have been really awesome!




Will it survive

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On my way into work this morning I listened to a radio show interview. The scientist interviewed worked for SETI. SETI is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. On the radio the scientist explained that “planets in the galaxy and neighboring galaxies are as common as houseflies.” The scientist went on to explain that it is now a high statistically possibility that there is another form of intelligent life living on another planet in the Milky Way and surrounding galaxies.

I don’t know about you but this type of talk is exciting. I think of all the possibilities and it is the stuff of wild science fiction and fantasy. Some callers into the radio show did not share my enthusiasm. Some callers where religious and feared that upon contact from an alien species religion would break down.

I was raised in the Baptist denomination of the Christian faith and I have seen the denomination and religion change over the years and I am not afraid of the religion falling by the wayside.

In the United States religion and religious texts have been used to justify slavery as well as the denial of basic rights to the LGBQT community. Religion changed course however and now slavery is condemned and I see and feel another course change concerning the rights of LGBQT population and human rights.  Seeing the course changes encourages me and makes me feel as though the Christian religion can survive if its followers adhere to love and respect and abstain from objection and denial of love and respect.

Will our religion survive the discovery of an extra terrestrial? Well, that depends, will our religion allow love and respect to change the religions course when it comes to accepting new life?

I hope the answer is yes for our religion and all citizens of the world




The hardest thing

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Good morning and Happy Monday. I am writing this post on Monday morning. I like to post before work begins and after my morning run and commute. If you’ve read this blog before you may know that I enjoy running and I recently started a new job. With my new job came a new schedule and I had to move my afternoon jog to the mornings.

The first week was absolute hell. I am not much of a morning person but I have stuck with the morning runs and now, I look forward to the morning run. Did it stop being hell? Absolutely not it is still tough and hard but, after my morning run there is absolutely nothing that the workday can throw at me that will stop me even on Monday.

Workdays are full of tasks that can be hard. If you can, I encourage you too, do the hardest thing first, you will feel accomplished and you will reinforce the truth that, You can do anything!




An astrobiologist professor I follow on twitter named David Grinspoon has written a book that, has made it to my must read list. The book is titled  “Earth in Human Hands: The Rise of Terra Sapiens and Hope for Our Planet “.  David Grinspoon has made a living by, studying biology all over space. He can tell you all about the life on Mars and this is very cool to listen to I encourage to search for David Grinspoons work online after reading this post. David has turned his results of studying astrobiology to the earth and the problems Humans are having with the climate change and our affect on the Earths environment.

Davids new book “Earth in Human Hands”, seems like an optimistic and realistic take on what humans have done to make the Earth more hospitable for life and what humans can and will do in the future.

The book says humans next evolutionary step will be one from Homo Sapiens to Terra Sapiens and as Terra sapiens we as a species will realize and treasure how we are connected to the Earth and all the other life forms on it. When I read the reviews on the book and heard David speak about it I immediately knew I had to read this book. I love this concept of embracing the interconnected nature of everything living and cannot help but think of the Native Americans customs and traditions.

I have to agree with David, if we want a better life for our generation and generations to come we must evolve beyond Homo Sapiens and aspire to me Terra Sapiens.




It is correct. All too often people who have strong opinions find themselves in a logical argument with other people who have strong opinions, and the end of the argument is usually capped off with a statement like “well everyone is entitled to their opinion.” I have to say that this is not always true. The word entitled means to lay claim to something in the case of an opinion an entitlement would be a justification and if the opinion is not true it cannot be entitled. Now everyone has the right to believe in whatever truth they want but simply because they believe it is true does not make it so. You are not entitled to your opinion when it is false. At least not logically. When someone comes to an opinion that is illogical and unsupported through fact they build other opinions based on illogical ones and risk things not working correctly. Ignorance is not without victims. Ignorance can and often does cause harm to living things. It is gross ignorance that has helped make humanity the cause for the next major extinction on earth, it was ignorance that caused the Challenger accident in NASA. I could continue with ignorance causing harm stories but I will not . The ignorance harm stories are the bad news and I am more of a good news guy. So are you ready for the good news? Here it is, ready or not. We can and do learn. We can and do apply logic and reasoning. With logic and reasoning we can be assured or entitled to our believes and these beliefs will change when we are presented new evidence. With logic and reasoning it maybe possible to stave off massive extinction, get a better job, apply and attend the right college, marry the right man or woman, fill in the blank. Knowledge truly is powerful and is used everyday to make lives better. We (I am speaking of humans) have the biggest brains in the animal kingdom and we have just started using them. The future is bright and those who think logically and critically are going to experience this bright future with joy and happiness and those who do not think this way well they will not have this joy and happiness.




8,00 BCE that is the time most intellectuals believe literacy entered the Humans toolbox. Literacy has made the largest impact on the world and the known universe. It is through literacy that man has been able to map out unknown worlds, explore the worlds and through recording the worlds make them known to fellow humans who have never been too or seen these worlds. It is through literacy that humans have gained and applied knowledge and it is this knowledge that has created the “arc of the moral universe”. Martin Luther King Jr. used the idea of the “moral arc” in his speech in Washington, but it was Theodore Parker who brought the idea of the moral arc of the universe into being. Basically as humans grow and learn the “moral arc” (which encompass humanities laws and actions towards everyone and everything) bend towards justice. This has been proven over time to be true. Despite the nostalgia we hear from our fathers and mothers we are living in a wonderful time right now and our children will live in an even more wonderful time.

My girlfriend however reminded me that if we do not learn and teach the wonderful times may not last forever. This is the part of my post where I tie in the title. Read as much as you can. When you read the works of the brillant you become brilliant. Through reading you can be anyone go anywhere and learn everything!



Write often. Writing is a great therapy and it teaches us how to better express ourselves. Do the math and add up everything. Nothing is truly random.

“Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality. ”

Richard Courant

Here in the United States for school systems that still have a summer break, we are entering summer break time. I encourage the children this summer to Read, Write, Add and repeat. Parents aunts and uncles your example speaks much more loudly than any of your words, so I encourage us to do the same.