Happy Memorial Day!

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It is the last Monday of May and this is a special day. On the last Monday of May the United States citizens remember the veterans who have died while serving their nation.

It is a somber holiday and hard to know how to celebrate it. No one wants death but it comes to us all doesn’t it? I mean think about life no one gets out alive. Our hope is that we leave a legacy for the next generation. I can think of few legacies more special than one of a respectful service for ones nation.

The Nation of the United States of America is less an institution and more of an idea. The idea that, everyone counts and deserves freedom and respect. The poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich all only get one vote. The USA is the idea that, when the idea of the majority is one in which the minority looses fundamental human right, the legacy of the nation is one in which the minorities basic human rights are protected. I love this idea and I really think this idea and many other great ideas are what our veterans who have died in war fought and died for. It is the idea of the United States that makes me feel and believe that our veterans deserve to be honored, not just the veterans who have died but the ones who have survived and the family members who are survived. No veteran should ever be homeless or hungry. The nation has to do better with the way it treats veterans. What a better day to start doing better than Memorial Day. Want to make a difference?

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