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Man vs Nature

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One event on my bucket list is hiking the Appalachian trail. The Appalachian Trail is a 2,200 mile trail that starts in Springer Mountain GA and ends at Mount Katahdin in Maine. Every time I mention this to my girlfriend, she reminds me that I hate nature. Now, before you go judging me let be more clear I don’t really  hate nature I respect it and understand that it is out to kill me. Man versus nature is so true.

I have a love hate affair with nature. I respect and see nature as an awesome powerful, visceral, rejuvenating and apathetic force. Nature is indifferent it survives and propagates. Nature has no moral code, it doesn’t show compassion for weak. Nature is opposite in that respect to humanity and yet we are all part of nature. I do not hate nature I just am intrigued by it.  Many writings  have tried to make nature more like humanity but it isn’t. Nature is a simple calculation and I do think that humanity can live in and survive with nature especially through applying the concept of game theory, however attitudes like specisim, hubris and blatant disrespect for nature stand in the way.

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We should encounter nature in a pragmatic way. It is important to understand the effects we have on nature and what these effects have on life. If, humanity intends on growing evolving and even surviving as a species we have to come together and realize how and where we fit in with nature. Hiking the Appalachian Trail may help me do that and it would make for some really cool stories.




Nature is indifferent


Need not want not

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“It pays the bills.”  That is my canned statement when people ask about my profession. Something I do Monday – Friday at least nine hours a day.  I am asked if I enjoy my profession and I answer with “It pays the bills”. I know that this is not an answer and that it is not original. People have been deflecting questions concerning their professions with this answer for years.

Sometimes, it seems that, when someone is not satisfied with a profession they look for satisfaction through other means. The unsatisfied professional may jam as much recreation into their spare time as possible. They may work at building homes or become obsessive about a hobby, all because their 45 hours, they give away for money are not satisfying.

There was this utopia image I grew up seeing of the future. In the future robots would do our bidding and all the time we spent working would be spent thinking reading and living leisurely . This did not happen manual labor was replaced with other types of labor. The work hours have increased and happiness decreased.

What happened to a future that had satisfied professionals? It was traded away. Our generation gave away freedom and satisfaction in the work place for security.

Maybe we should revaluate the deal we made. Did our deal work out for us? If not maybe we should figure out a better deal and make it on our own terms.

Here is to getting a better deal… The best deal for you and maybe next time someone asks about your profession you can say something like ” I love it, we are doing some exciting stuff”







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Close your eyes and imagine that you are 13 years old again. What are you dreaming of? 13 year old me was dreaming of being a race car driver, super hero, secret agent spy, mountain climber, treasure hunter, circus clown, lion tamer, magician, jewel thieve, movie director, movie star and a cool surfer. What did 13 year old you want to be when you grew up? What are you doing now? This comedian said “that’s why you need a good plan b.” The joke made me laugh and later it made me cry a little.

There is this awesome song called   “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini. The song is awesome! Of course it is about a boy who never grows up and as I listen to it I imagine how over rated growing up is. Don’t misunderstand me I think we should be responsible but there are other costs and aspects to growing up that make it just mundane, boring and overrated.

Grownups become pretentious and less genuine. “The mouths of babes” is a great quote that speaks to children’s honesty.  When we grow up we often trade honesty for other things. What we should do is be honest and kind.

When you where a child, you chased your passion, through imagination and creativity everyday, now are you out there chasing numbers on a spreadsheet and come home more and more tired. We need to be creative, passionate and imaginative. We need more Peter Pans.  It is not to late to chase your dreams. Today can be the day.

“Think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye. You can Fly. You can fly.” –Peter Pan




Who are you?

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It is funny how the human memory works. Most humans remember feelings smells and tactile sense associated with feelings they have in moments. Let me try to unwind my last sentence a little. The smell of vanilla will make most people think of sun block and sunblock makes most people remember summer days. Days spent in our youth on a trampoline or in the back yard trying to sneak a peak at the neighborhood girls and women sun bathing.  Maybe we will remember trips to the beach with our friends and families. Getting baked and burned by the sun and loving every minute of it, but see, it is the smell then the feel and then the moment. We do not simply, (barring an indivual who poses an eidetic memory) recall any situation. We recall parts and feelings that are associated with moments.

Some philosophers believe that a person is a product of their memories.  I am not sure if this is entirely accurate but in case it is I encourage you to live every moment to the fullest and with the most compassion and passion you can muster.

I will try and do the same.




What is it?

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Yesterday I blogged about happiness sort of… I blogged about me being happy that I finished an ethics course ( I am not a fan of studying ethics at all so getting out of this course alive was an accomplishment).  I also blogged about Aristotle’s view on happiness ( it is a kind of weird one but it is one view) and I blogged about attaining happiness.

So what is happiness? That is the million dollar question isn’t it? What would make me happy or you or him or her? It is subjective and changes on the circumstances doesn’t it? I mean today I will be happy when it is time to go home because I enjoy home more than work and home makes me happy, work ehh not usually oh do you see what just happened? That is an epiphany!

Epiphany is the manifestation of a striking experience or the truth, many religious scholars call the appearance of Christ and epiphany. My epiphany was not an appearance of a messiah but more a realization that work does not make me happy, and that work should make me happy. So what is a man to do?

Perhaps change is in order. I love lists so let’s make one

  1. figure out what type of work would make me happy
  2. learn to accomplish said work
  3. find gainful employment in this work

Three steps simple right? Well simple yes but time consuming…. some people spend years on step one. What is it that will make you happy? Once you figure this out than you can figure out what type of work you should be employed in.

Knowing yourself is a huge step and one that not everyone accomplishes. You are a pretty cool and interesting person. I encourage you today to get to know yourself.




I just finished a course on Ethics and Moral reasoning so I am happy that this is over. I have never been a fan of the subject of Ethics and philosophy. The “science” around ethics is soft at best and there is not any hard evidence to totally support one specific set of rules or laws. Ethics tends to be very gray and subjective.

When the class first started I thought I was going to love it because of the writings of Aristotle mostly. Aristotle basically said that all humans should seek to be happy. I like being happy and this idea sounded great to me! Bring on the Candy! Jelly beans mostly because, jelly beans make me happy. My excited nature was short lived though. As I continued to read Aristotle’s writings I realized what he believed true happiness was. Are you ready for this?

According to Aristotle true happiness is; the fulfillment of virtuous means. Nice huh? So while eating my weight in jelly beans may seem to bring me happiness it is gluttonous and therefore not virtuous and in turn I will not be truly happy and sick as a dog.

The means is another way of saying balance. So true happiness is living a full life that is well balanced within virtues. Almost every major religion preaches balance and so does every self help book and every concerned mother and father. We should always take care of ourselves and others through a balanced well meaning and compassionate approach. Today I will work hard to achieve balance with everything what about you?




From What

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“I don’t waste my time with tv. ” This was a quote from someone at work when asked if they watched a certain television show. The individual then, went on to explain how they did not watch tv because, it served as to much of a distraction.  I simply nodded in agreement but I wondering what they were distracted from.

I did a google search for the words “age of distraction” I can back with some hits. Most of the hits took me to articles that pontificated in a conciliatory manner about distractions destroying the “morals” of our society. If one were to believe the articles, than one would understand that, cellphones tv and internet are making it impossible to focus. This judgy position about distraction does not have much of leg to stand on in the area of neuroscience. An interesting article concerning this myth can be found here.

The idea of distraction being settled I began to wonder, what are you being distracted from? There is a book called “The Shallows” in this book the author claims that distraction, in form of the internet and social media has made it impossible for people to think critically and “dig deeply”.  The focus is still maintained despite being distracted, however I still haven’t been able to answer what? What are we getting distracted from. The quick answer is life. So the next question would be what is life? This is a question for the ages and requires much more time than this post allows. What is life? I love the quote from the United States Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”  These three things are unalienable rights, Unalienable means that something cannot be argued or taken away.

Life is inarguable. We are born into it, life that is. NO one can argue that everyone deserves it but how each of it lives it is our own exercise of liberty. What some see as distraction can be construed as investigation. I don’t see communication as distraction. I see this as more of an investigation by observant agents.

It is not distraction but a quest for assurance and positivity, now this being said, is the internet the right place to look? I am not sure, this is the place where I should type something deep like, “look inward because that is where you would find peace assurance and dare I say repose, but what if after looking within you come up empty? I don’t know.. When it comes to religion and philosophy I always feel like barring harm to others, the right thing to do or believe is subjective. If you feel, that the “distraction” holds answers and find them there than this “distraction” is wonderful and great if not, don’t stop looking. The answers are out there. Enlightenment awaits and as a bonus the distraction of the internet provides some hilarious videos.