You’re a Fraud!

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You’re  a fraud! It’s going to be ok though, so am I and so is she and he. Everyone is a fraud.

(I haven’t blogged in almost a year now and I was so tempted to just stop typing after  those three lines. That would be so cool right? No way! A comment like that needs some clarification and I like to talk way to much to simply walk away after a bomb like that)


On Monday of this week my kids got all dressed up and took the bus to school. I wasn’t present when they walked into the classes but I can imagine and glean from conversation that, they were greeted by their teachers. These teachers would after greeting their charges, proceed to instruct and work hard to enlighten the children. For the children in elementary and middle school, their teachers seem to have all the answers they know everything. I think this is true for parents as well. When people are middle and elementary school age we look up to our role model and authority figures. It is usually in high school when we realize that our parents teachers and role models are human and as such flawed and to some extent frauds. The super heros disappear and in their place stand men and women who are doing their best to “fake it till they make it” or better put frauds!

Everyone is a fraud. No one has all the answers. A good friend of mine told me to stay far away from anyone who claimed they had all the answers. “That man is the most dangerous one in the room.” “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is I know nothing.” Socrates

Why or how do we realize that our authority figures are flawed? For some, and this is truly tragic, the realization comes when the authority figure commits some type of terrible action, for most however this realization comes from seeing hearing and developing ideologies that are not the same as the authority figures. It is not uncommon to have a household with both liberal and conservative leanings. The fact that there can be and are so many equally good ideas and philosophies only reinforce the lack of a true expert or wise person. No one knows now or will ever know everything. There is no such thing as an expert.

This can seem disheartening on it’s face but when you think about it, this lack of experts does much to democratize the world and empower its citizens at the same time. If you don’t know something its ok because no one knows everything and everyone knows at least one thing. Since everyone knows at least one thing, chances are good for figuring something out through thoughtful discussion and who doesn’t enjoy that? So go ahead today and fake your way through whatever you are doing and when you get stuck do not be afraid to ask for some help because that is simply the human thing to do






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