Then I remembered the falls

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

“Let’s go for a ride.” It was a Saturday afternoon my sisters and I had just finished watching Heathcliff, the Snorks, the smurfs and Camp Candy. My dad and mom worked hard all week long and they did a really good job of making the weekends special. A lot of wonderful memories started with “Let’s go for a ride”.

We piled into the station wagon (it may have been a wagon or a mini van at that time) and 37 minutes later dad was parking in a public parking lot in downtown Chagrin Falls Ohio. We walked from the parking lot to an overlook that showcased the actual Falls and dad said “now you can tell everyone that, you’ve seen the falls at the falls.” The town was a bucolic journey back into the Norman Rockwell Americana and the trip was a break from the routine.

My mom and dad were good at that, breaking up routines and they did this in a good way. Sometimes I can feel myself getting into a routine or rut and I try and remember the falls. Breaking out of routine is one of the best ways to learn and keep learning.

Routines are good but you have to treat yourself to a break sometimes and visit the falls.

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