Everyone Leaves

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Board rooms, offices, conference rooms, living rooms, Kitchens; the latter are all examples of both public and personal spaces. Public when they are occupied by more than one person. Personal in that almost all the rooms require a invite rather it be formal or in formal. We get together in these rooms and do  all kinds of things. I considered typing all the things that are done in this rooms but I considered the spaces ubiquitous nature and decided that everyone knows what goes on in these rooms and to type it would prevent me from conveying my point in a succinct manner.

Everyone enters and leaves the spaces. Everyone brings with them joy to these spaces as well. Some bring joy when entering the room and others when they leave it. I am going to try hard to day to bring joy into every space I occupy for however long I occupy that space to all occupants even if the only occupant is myself. What are you going to try to do?





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