Nancy, Paul and Oscar

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The title resembles the start of a bad joke I know but if you stay with me it will all make sense. Even more sense than the Matrix movies made at the end. I really liked the Matrix trilogy but honestly did the third movie answer any questions? I didn’t think so. Please excuse my digression.

Yesterday at work, I had the pleasure of working with a brilliant colleague who has a lets say less than rosy outlook on everything. I am not being facetious when I use the term brilliant. It has been through his insight that I have seen some of my mistakes and mistakes of others. The attitude he conducts himself with though is quite pessimistic. I asked him yesterday if he considered himself to be a negative Nancy. He let me know that he was not negative Nancy just merely telling everyone the truth. I then asked if he would consider himself a pragmatic Paulie. It was at that point that I was kindly dismissed from his office. On the way back to mine I thought about Optimistic Oscar. I have often been blamed for being overly optimistic, crazy right, but I am a big fan of optimism I really do feel like the sun is always shinning and it is obviously morning in America.

I began thinking about Nancy. Paulie and Oscar and I realized that, humans are multi faceted complex creatures and the world we live in is also complex and multifaceted. being of this nature we humans must often be a little bit of Nancy, Paulie and Oscar.

Balance is the key to everything. just like Daniel on the boat with Mr. Miyagi. Ok I am done with the movie references for now.





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