The Weekend

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

We made it! Today is Friday and the next two days belong to us! Doesn’t it feel good to know that? I love this feeling.

I enjoy listening to Cory Booker.  The representative is brilliant and when he speaks I can hear the brilliance and congeniality of him. He was being interviewed and in the interview he mentioned how his good friend Michael Bloomberg told him that before he runs for mayor he should become a millionaire. The interviewer laughed a little and made a comment about being a man beholden to no one. The man beholden to no one is exactly how I feel on the weekends. I am not clocking in or out, I am not sending reports to my boss. I still have responsibilities however I can choose how to address these. It is my vision that I can fulfill on the weekends and my way.

When I was younger after my rebellious stage, I was more willing to concede to the whims of others placed in positions of power over me but as I grow older the ability to do things my way has become more and more valuable.

I am not in a place to live life on my own terms however I believe I am getting there.

How’s so you ask? You want to know the secret?

Well, I hope that the key is education and a pragmatic look at oneself. These two things along with compassion for others seem to be the keys to many things in life.

Check back with me in five years and I will let you know if I am right.

happy Friday and as always





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