Right your ship and be the Boss

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Humans like routine and patterns. All humans may not admit this but we like to fall into routines and schedules it is simply being human. There are forces at work though that have their own schedules and agendas and at times seem to conspire against us. Morning run, no time for that morning coffee x that too, afternoon beer nope. Sometimes the forces that be push and change the schedule so much we can feel like our boat has been flipped upside down.

There is this racing sail boat owned by Hugo Boss. In case you didn’t know Hugo Boss is this high end mens suit maker real nice cuts. On you tube there is this video of the Hugo Boss racing sail boat turned sideways in the water. The captain of the boat proceeds to walk out onto the keel of the sideways boat and takes an iconic racing sail boat picture. Like a Boss! He doesn’t fret about the topsy turvy nature of his vessel he embraces it and eventually rights the ship but the whole time he remains the captain. I encourage you today to be the boss of your life right the ship and of course do it with style.




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