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Posted: August 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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“I don’t waste my time with tv. ” This was a quote from someone at work when asked if they watched a certain television show. The individual then, went on to explain how they did not watch tv because, it served as to much of a distraction.  I simply nodded in agreement but I wondering what they were distracted from.

I did a google search for the words “age of distraction” I can back with some hits. Most of the hits took me to articles that pontificated in a conciliatory manner about distractions destroying the “morals” of our society. If one were to believe the articles, than one would understand that, cellphones tv and internet are making it impossible to focus. This judgy position about distraction does not have much of leg to stand on in the area of neuroscience. An interesting article concerning this myth can be found here.

The idea of distraction being settled I began to wonder, what are you being distracted from? There is a book called “The Shallows” in this book the author claims that distraction, in form of the internet and social media has made it impossible for people to think critically and “dig deeply”.  The focus is still maintained despite being distracted, however I still haven’t been able to answer what? What are we getting distracted from. The quick answer is life. So the next question would be what is life? This is a question for the ages and requires much more time than this post allows. What is life? I love the quote from the United States Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”  These three things are unalienable rights, Unalienable means that something cannot be argued or taken away.

Life is inarguable. We are born into it, life that is. NO one can argue that everyone deserves it but how each of it lives it is our own exercise of liberty. What some see as distraction can be construed as investigation. I don’t see communication as distraction. I see this as more of an investigation by observant agents.

It is not distraction but a quest for assurance and positivity, now this being said, is the internet the right place to look? I am not sure, this is the place where I should type something deep like, “look inward because that is where you would find peace assurance and dare I say repose, but what if after looking within you come up empty? I don’t know.. When it comes to religion and philosophy I always feel like barring harm to others, the right thing to do or believe is subjective. If you feel, that the “distraction” holds answers and find them there than this “distraction” is wonderful and great if not, don’t stop looking. The answers are out there. Enlightenment awaits and as a bonus the distraction of the internet provides some hilarious videos.






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