Highest Good or are You Happy?

Posted: August 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I just finished a course on Ethics and Moral reasoning so I am happy that this is over. I have never been a fan of the subject of Ethics and philosophy. The “science” around ethics is soft at best and there is not any hard evidence to totally support one specific set of rules or laws. Ethics tends to be very gray and subjective.

When the class first started I thought I was going to love it because of the writings of Aristotle mostly. Aristotle basically said that all humans should seek to be happy. I like being happy and this idea sounded great to me! Bring on the Candy! Jelly beans mostly because, jelly beans make me happy. My excited nature was short lived though. As I continued to read Aristotle’s writings I realized what he believed true happiness was. Are you ready for this?

According to Aristotle true happiness is; the fulfillment of virtuous means. Nice huh? So while eating my weight in jelly beans may seem to bring me happiness it is gluttonous and therefore not virtuous and in turn I will not be truly happy and sick as a dog.

The means is another way of saying balance. So true happiness is living a full life that is well balanced within virtues. Almost every major religion preaches balance and so does every self help book and every concerned mother and father. We should always take care of ourselves and others through a balanced well meaning and compassionate approach. Today I will work hard to achieve balance with everything what about you?





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